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So last night, I told myself that going to bed early would be best, but well the writing bug hit & well, looked up, 4am came. As my keyboard was set on fire, just seeing what could stick, I kinda started a whole new story, down a science fiction road. Before you read what’s below thus far, can I put things out there? Not sure if this will take off and turn into anything, I’m testing waters. If it does, the plot takes place on earth and another planet. Off the bat, you’ll either love or hate the main character, because I kind of made him cold. Finally, after you read, please leave a comment and let me know your thoughts, thanks! 🙂


The characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The story you are about to read is a piece of fiction I’d like to attempt, even though I’m known to do vampire inspired writing and other fantasy tales close to the undead. That said, the content has blood/gore, war, profanity and sexual themes!

In the not so distant future, year 4075, space exploration and colonization is possible, but with it, war has become common. The American and Japanese governments have joined to create a new soldier unit called Nano Warriors. These are human ninja warriors who aren’t quite human, but not cyborgs, however they have ability beyond any regular soldier. For one of these men who’s sick of the fighting and has a chip on his shoulder, will he take on a few last jobs and help out his handler, a woman he loves, or rip her throat out after learning the truth?

In a bar somewhere in the slums of Japan, a man sits, keeping to himself while drinking a Saki based drink. As he sipped the sweet liquid, thoughts of the war he served as an assassin on planet Britonia started coming to mind, thoughts he wanted, no not that soft of a word, needed so badly to cast off, but no matter how much he tried, the images of what he did still flowed in, fueling his need to drink. True, being a good soldier, and perhaps the treatments he had before getting into the unit, he never once questioned an order like he wanted too that day, something the man admitted as he took a last sip of his beverage, counting the tab money

As he looked up, scared mews from a kitten caught his attention, having him scan the bar, finding a man holding a Grey furred kitten over a hungry barking, drooling dog as if to offer the feline like a meal. Now, it went without saying some of the shit he had to do and deal with in wartime would turn stomachs. Heck, he himself took another ninja’s head that was under his command for raping a young woman, so he wasn’t new to the depths people would sink in the name of “fun”, but toying with a kitten’s life made his blood like lava, having the man get up. Pretending to walk towards the door, the cries of the feline weren’t lost on him, letting plans on how to confront the idiot and the friends he had around him, egging this piece of shit on form and work through the soldier’s head.

True, every part of him tried keeping his temper in check, even the little nano machines running through his body attempted to control it, but animals being mistreated was the breaking point. Coming up on one of the fool’s friends, the man struck his opponent’s leg, getting it to pop, probably shattering it as he held his neck, letting the unsuspecting man pass out. “Um, deal? The kitten for your ability to walk out without medical aid?” fell from the guy’s mouth in a cocky manner as he eyed the fool, knowing the asshole wouldn’t go for the offer. Maybe the man’s eyes gave it away, but feeling as if one of his friends started sneaking up behind him with a butcher knife prompted the soldier to turn, only to get cut, but within a second, the gash healed, making the knife wielder back away while saying, “He’s one of them!” in Japanese, sending the rest running at him.

Taking down one man after the another, trying not to kill anyone, his eye never left the kitten, having the man perform a ninja hand sign and appeared behind the man, a short knife ready to pierce the flesh. “Put the animal on the bar and tell your drunk friends to leave! If you don’t, well, guessin’ you know what our type do to people in the field!” jumped from his mouth to the idiot’s ear forcefully, noting the feline was headed to the bar and the people couldn’t leave fast enough, even the dog began whimpering as it ran. He could’ve just let the man go, a fact he told himself over and over, but to him, people who get their rocks off toying with animal’s lives should be punished by something other then prison, a thought having him twist the fool’s arm, breaking it, ending with him taking the guy into the kitchen and ready his hand to be dipped in boiling hot cooking oil.



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