What Is This Guy Thinking?

Emaxx 2


The R/C truck above is not mine, it is a reference image. As some who follow my exploits in my other pursue, hobby grade R/C trucks know that a new truck was put away in layaway last Summer, (2016). I had hoped that it could be out this month, but thanks to my nephew letting comcast take the overdue amount from my account and screw my plan up, but that’s a person matter . But read on for the topic at hand.


While the truck’s being paid on, the hobby shop’s doing work on it to get the E-Maxx to where I can drive it, which is grateful. That said, the guy I don’t trust is working on it and stressing me out! Seriously, he is. Example: I can tell my friend who works there what I need done, describe to him how to do it and he can get it done at no cost or a deep discount, but the guy working on this truck is clueless!


I need a sunroof cut into the the body so it could be used as a handle. He has been told this ten times, but hasn’t done it, claiming, he’s trying to figure it out, but I told him how. Now that the truck’s so close from being paid off, he told me Monday, he ordered a $30.00 rollcage for it. You know that my temper was flairing right? I told the idiot that I don’t have thirty dollars for that cage thing! “Oh, we can do a deal, don’t worry.”


At this point, forget the roll cage. When the body gets messed up next season, I’ll order a darn body, paint that and use it as my back up! Give me the truck already!


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