Don’t Call It A Reboot!!! :P

Hope most of ya caught that, it is taken from an old LL Cool J song!!!! 🙂

Aki redone 1


Anyway, a few days ago I gave an old character of mine new life in a Sci Fi role. The idea just sounded good, so it was worked on, what’s more to say? Aki fits this piece well and I hope you agree with me. A word though. Haven’t really proofed this thus far or had my bro proof the addition, so there might be errors hiding, don’t kill me! 🙂


The Alien’s Subject

Aki Yoshira and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This story contains alien abduction, experimentation and sexual encounters with beings of the unknown. You’ve been warned!

A feeling of laying on something cold made Aki Yoshira an eighteen year old college student with a nice body and light blue hair reach over and feel for her blanket, finding nothing, having the woman’s eyes shoot open. It couldn’t be denied how shock had her in its grip while she looked around, only seeing that she was in a white, sterile looking area with what could be a window on the far wall, but what had her for a loop was the fact that she had nothing on, making her blush as she covered herself, or tried too. “How did I get here, and why am I naked?” shot through Aki’s mind like a bullet before exiting her mouth in a scream, but little did the woman realize, someone or no, something entered the room from somewhere, sending her panic level high.

Watching this being that came into the room, an overwhelming sense she couldn’t place came over the young woman, putting an emotion in her she couldn’t place. It didn’t feel like fear, or Aki hoped it wasn’t that, the young blue haired lady just had no word for the feeling, which made her uneasy, but when it started to walk towards her, the feeling turned, inviting fear in. Slowly backing away, the young woman admitted she could use her smarts, a trait she relied on to reason her way through anything and figure this out, but she couldn’t, feeding the fear.

Perhaps too frozen by the sense that she didn’t notice, but her unknown roommate caught up to her and put what could be its hand on her stomach, as if to inspect it. As it did, somehow the alien began leaking into the blue haired girl’s thoughts, reading them, but more than that, she felt as if the being wanted her back on the table, having it guide her to it like a puppet. Once it got Aki on the cold metal like table, it noted her shivering a bit, but didn’t take a lot into it, bringing instruments down from somewhere, grabbing the tools.

Though she heard every part of her scream at her, telling her to move, the woman’s body didn’t respond, having her eyes blink in terror. Aki heard herself plead, scream and more, hoping the being might stop, but nothing came out, scaring her more. It couldn’t be said how the woman wanted, no needed to get away from there, her expression made that clear, however needing to do something didn’t make Aki’s body move an inch, having the being’s needle begin to enter her flesh, going deep inside. Feeling and seeing the tool going and the burning sensation that shot through her form, the things she wanted to do went through Aki’s head as a tear started running down her cheek, making her bite her lip in pain.

While doing whatever to its unwilling patient, the alien stopped only to watch her, continuing the work, poking the blue haired woman like a doll. Working on her, finding out about the female’s body, which called for it to work her, it amazed the being how the woman reacted, getting it to rub her sensitive areas a little, letting a sigh tumble from Aki’s lips. Reaching for a tub that looked like a dildo, but it had a small metal point at the end, and while the being handled it, she swore she heard liquid sloshing around in it, then being continued the examination, inserting the tool in Aki’s love hole, an act making the young woman tighten up as she wanted to sob.

As it went in, no words could describe how it felt, while it went deeper, violating her. To her, being in that situation, death would be a choice she’d welcome, a thought the woman admitted freely and prayed for. And yet, Aki swore she heard a voice tell her to relax, but relaxing was the last thing she had in mind, driving her to attempt to move, something her body still refused. Unsure when or why, the young blue haired lady started feeling surges going through her body and up her spine, covering her like a blanket, as if she was becoming aroused sexually, completely throwing Aki off. She couldn’t explain it, she admitted thoughts, even the need to pleasure herself never came to mind, leading her to believe her tormentor made her feel this way, but why crossed the woman, making her debate the issue.

Standing there, watching and listening to the moans fall, taking how she reacted to stimuli, there was more “tests” the being could perform, knowledge having the alien remove the needle from her toned stomach and the tool from the woman’s sex. Getting Aki off the table, guiding her to another area, away from the room she was in, the being looked at her with an intense stare, like it saw into her mind, manipulating her in ways the woman couldn’t fathom. It couldn’t be known the power it had over the girl, but it could tell Aki had desires hidden from view, things the being tapped as it explore Aki’s mind. Just by her expression, her guide knew the walls she built to keep those thoughts behind started shaking, making, “We have selected you for a reason, your desires will help you, let them out.” echo in the woman’s mind, hitting every corner.

Oh, Aki heard the voice, but what it told her made little sense, letting, “selected…” come out in a dream like state. Every part of this didn’t feel right, she admitted, almost like she was living outside of herself looking in, a feeling causing a chill to shoot the length of her spine. As the woman walked with her unknown guide, having it invade her thoughts, breaking the walls, she started seeing images of her with a man having sex, images getting Aki to close her eyes, trying to block them, but even though she shook her head, the woman couldn’t help but be sucked in. Watching, she began feeling her juices flow, but something seemed off, having the blue haired young lady study the picture, though Aki couldn’t place what drew her to it.

While it played, she couldn’t understand the feeling that came over her, something making her uneasy, that Aki had no doubt about. It couldn’t be denied the woman found the images of her with a guy and the sex acts they were doing alluring, even making her want to finger herself, she did, but to her, it felt like her guide was trying to get her to submit to something more, having the blue haired young lady look at the being as, “What is it you want from me?” exited her mouth strained. While looking at it, thoughts that seemed to overpower her own, showing her various things, things she couldn’t understand started to leak into Aki’s mind, putting her on edge.

“We wish to study how human males and females interact, observing you two before we move to the final phase.” the alien told the woman telepathically while taking her to the next room. Perhaps it should’ve told Aki she was to be bred due to her intelligence, an oversight, maybe, that didn’t say the being wasn’t interested in the first part, it was. As the being escorted her into the other room, an area like the room she woke up in, except for a stall that maybe a shower, a sleeping area could be seen, having the alien leave the young woman there. Within minutes, it brought a man who looked dazed like she in, leaving the two there.

Watching this being go, every part of Aki wanted to say something, things making words come to her, just not out. She wouldn’t lie and say she didn’t feel awkward, awkward wasn’t the word she would use because no word fit quite right, letting, “What next?” come into play. There was no doubt whoever these were, they wanted the two to make love, it took little to gather that, but the fact remained THAT kind of relationship hadn’t been on her mind since entering college, a fact the blue haired young lady stood by. Sure, thoughts about sex roamed her head, she didn’t deny that, however feeling off around guys and her classes put those on the back burner. Yet, looking at the man, Aki couldn’t place why, something about him called her attention, drawing her to gaze upon him.

Peering at this woman, scanning every inch of her, the man felt something for her, though the guy didn’t know what. He could tell she was brought there as well, her face spoke to that effect, and like him, they examined her, to what end both weren’t sure of, though they had a feeling. Watching her there, maybe Aki’s nude body did it, he could not deny some feeling of what could be arousal start to take hold of the man, getting him to note his meat getting hard. He didn’t want to just take her, no, he had planned on dating a woman, getting to know then bed her, an omission he set his sight on, but this need, growing within him started overshadowing that, driving him to her.



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