Two Anime Topics In One

Sitting here writing is the perfect moment to share two topics with you all! 🙂 These two have been brewing like coffee for a few days and thought they be a good topic for debate, so let us begin… ^_^


Ashamed to admit it now, but dubbed anime was my first introduction into anime. 😦 In fact, the first anime that got me interested in the culture, Project A-KO was on the sci-fi channel as part of their Festival Of Anime, where my eyes caught it. From then until my first attempt to move out of state and visit my brother Adrian and sister Sanja, I watched dubbed crap. After, my eyes were open to Subtitled anime and boy I WOULD NOT go back to English dubbed if you paid me! 🙂 Why? There are a number of reasons, but I’ll limit myself to two. First and foremost, Subbed anime doesn’t edit too many words out, letting more of what is trying to be conveyed get to ya! Furthermore, the Japanese are not really restrained I feel, correct me if I’m wrong.


Whereas the dubbed versions always cut words or “fit words” in to replace somethings, usually hacking the holy hell out of what the characters are trying to get across. Or some American companies switch some characters gender to make them “acceptable” for kids, (90S version of Sailor moon for example). This next part is where I really begin twitching! I’m not saying ALL dubbed voice actors bite, there are a few that do a decent job, having me sit calmly if I need too, but other dubbed anime make me wanna throw my sword at the tv! I mean, where do these companies get the actors, some two bit school?! Quite a few don’t sound right, the character’s age etc. Glad now I just view subbed anime.


That brings me to the question my nephew asked a couple years back, “Why I don’t watch dubbed stuff?” Just told him it makes me cringe, twitch and drool more and I wanna save what’s left of my sanity! 🙂


Youmacon news: After december’s “me gifts” I’m saving everything I have every month after bills and such. Even pop cans are in my closet will be used for the trip, so one can’t say I’m not trying to get there. 🙂 That brings me to the last thing: I don’t think I said that my nephew’s blonde gf hates anime, calling it bullshit. Well, pretty sure she’ll be going as well, but if she tries to say something negative about it, I’m ramming her at full speed. She’s already in the dog house with me over saying I don’t put into the house, uh, the house bills are out of my check, princess!


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