Why I’m Restricting Myself From Recommending Anime To Newcomers

While commenting on a follower’s blog last night, an idea for this post came to me and I thought I’d talk about it a bit. Though there are a lot of times my inner Otaku is held in due to fear of the backlash from non anime fansg, (& we all heard the back handed comments), but there was a time if someone who wanted to try anime I’d suggest series to try.


In 2004/2005ish? a girl I thought might be the one kept asking me about the scene and wanted some series to try. Well, the series I named off to her were ones I grew up on, InuYasha etc. and they were mild. Long story short, I gotta email from her that same day, if not the day after from her, ripping me a new one, saying she looked anime up and all she found was hentai, am I a porn junkie? If anime’s just that, it’s gross!


Yes, hentai is the darker part of the culture, and yes, there are few times I do view it, but anime is not just that! Tried telling her it wasn’t all porn, just getting silence in return. Now, if someone asks me for series to try, I hesitate to help. What are/were your experiences and thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Restricting Myself From Recommending Anime To Newcomers

  1. I always find out what other shows and movies a person likes before I suggest something to them and even then I tend to only suggest anime to people I know fairly well (and usually I suggest something we can watch together so if it doesn’t work we can switch gears after a couple of episodes).

    • Funny thing is, before I suggested the shows I told her it’d be best if I knew what she liked. Her answer, “Anything IDK.” Even said it’d be best if once you come over, we can watch together. “Oh uh well I can’t, just give me titles to lookup.

      Found out why she was refusing. Turned out she was married.

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