A Question About PC Gaming

Recently I sat and played a game I’ve had since getting Steam, but noticed something. Before when playing Crysis 2, I’d engage enemies, but through half the game, I would be afraid to fight them, opting to cloak and sneak past. A week ago, my game data became corrupted somehow, forcing me to restart from scratch. You could say I was more than upset, yes, but when replaying the game, it came clear that I was more engaged, meaning I was not sneaking by people as much. Sure, if there were more people or aliens around guarding a spot than I could handle, cloaking was the only option.




Must say, the way the game was played this time reminded me of how I played in the Resistance series (for PS3. Pic above). Last Summer, a Crysis 2 walk through was started, but never completed because I felt like something was lacking. Now, well that part is back and I’d like to know if some of you would like to watch me play that game?


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