A Late Merry Christmas But Early Happy New Year From Shadowlight996, And A Look Ahead! :)

Did all of you have a Merry Christmas? Aside from getting over what I have, Christmas was merry to me. Basically had the home to myself and played PC games, watched movies, ran my truck, (to drain the last of the charge) & did what I wanted. I’d like to wish all who follow me here and on Facebook an early Happy New Year and give people a look ahead for what’s to come in 2017!




Seeing that I’m midway through the first book, efforts will be made to get it done, proofed, edited etc. I feel like I’m becoming better at writing as time goes on, so progress will be shared here, please share your thought when it’s posted.




Haven’t worked the Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover for awhile, I do plan on finishing it. Please bear with me because in 2017 I plan on finishing stories before starting new pieces.




Anime reviews and revisits will be posted here in the new year! Yes, in light of the news that my nephew will be getting me a ps3 with a working Blu-ray drive, I’ll be able to rewatch Elfen Lied, Full Metal Panic and M.S. Nadesico. Keeping in the anime camp, in a week, I’ll be saving to go to Youmacon in Nov. 2017, which I’m excited over! 🙂 My first con since the mid 2000s, can’t wait! ^_^




Lastly, like last Spring/Summer, I’ll be out running baby, (below left) & the new truck (below right) will be enjoyed every decent warm day! Videos of them running are going to be posted and a pros an cons list of the trucks will be put up.


Again, Happy Holidays from me to you readers! 🙂




Story Progression 3.0

Before showing this, let me say something. Over the next day or so, it’ll be a goal to post at least a post per day. These could be on anything from anime, my r/c hobby to writing. Now, on with the post.


Skya redone 1


Though it took me a long time to get a good title for my elf princess’s story, one finally clicked. Okay, a content warning still needs to be added, bear with me, due to feeling cramped lately! : Enjoy and please like or comment! 😛


A Princess’s Forbidden Desire

Skya and the characters herein aren’t based on anyone living or dead, (or undead). Furthermore, this fiction is not based on actual events, if they are, it is purely accidental. I retain all rights to the characters and work. Any recreation without consent is PROHIBITED!

As a twenty year old elf princess with navy blue hair bathed in a pond near her forest kingdom, words of her mother and father started ringing in ears, telling her not to go too far, and she needed to pick a prince from one of the other kingdoms to wed. While getting her hair wet, ready to be washed, Skya didn’t hide the fact that their warning and the “Pick a prince” speech bothered her, the sigh crossing her lips proved it did. About the warning, she admitted creatures like goblins and such lurked in the shadows, Skya killed a few herself before, feats that only sharpened her sword skills, but to picking a husband, the idea chilled her to core.

Finishing up, getting herself dry and dressing in the low cut pink kimono that showed a good bit of cleavage, something that her parents frowned upon, the thought of marriage still went through the elf woman’s head, making Skya cringe. Oh, it wasn’t the concept that made her feel sick, she wanted a man, children, everything marriage offered, what made the bad taste in her mouth to start was the fact that all elven males of royal blood seemed too much like weak children, hiding behind their money, afraid to fight, a trait which turned her off. Fixing her hair bow and white boots, tying the laces, a sigh of longing dropped from Skya’s mouth because she felt as if a man she could call hers had to be out there waiting, but she didn’t know how to find him.

Putting her sword between her kimono and the waste wrap, securing it, a noise that sounded like a tree twig snapping caught her attention, having the elf jump on a tree branch, her sword ready. While looking around finding nothing but night, it wasn’t lost on her that the trees spirits felt the slightest changes in their homes, a fact making Skya put a hand on the tree as she began chanting a spell that would bring the spirits out, After a few moments of speaking the words, light green started glowing around the elf woman’s hand and the tree trunk, having Skya shut her eyes.

Every piece of her being told her this wasn’t the time to lose a sense, especially if an enemy was in the darkness, something she already knew, but Skya had to focus on what the spirits said, meaning she needed to close an ability. With her eyes close, the path to the spirits that call the trees homes began appearing, letting them come to her, whispering in the elf princess’s ear. As she listened to them, it couldn’t be denied Skya felt an uneasy feeling growing within her, as if something had her dead in its sight, burning a hole through her, causing the elf’s eyes to burst open and jump away from the tree as a creature came after her.

Though she knew this wasn’t the time for jokes, “How dare you interrupt my conversion with my friends!” bled from her mouth playfully while drawing her sword. Skya wasn’t a fool when it came to fighting, she felt like there were more creatures in the shadows, waiting, but soon, more dark elves, goblins and whatever being the underworld rejected came out, surrounding her. True, Skya knew her skills with the sword were almost unmatched, something she took great pride in, but perhaps even she had to admit there might be too many for her, an omission unbecoming of her.

Looking at the elf woman’s body, it couldn’t be said some of the dark elves wanted to rape her after capturing her, the way they licked their lips said it all. Everyone of them knew the dark elves and those who rule the eight tree kingdoms of the land were at war, it went without saying, but to catch a prize like the princess before them and use whatever to seduce her so they could defile the heir to a kingdom, possibly get her with child appealed to them, having them smirk. While most of the older soldiers held back, forming attack strategies, the thoughts of fucking Skya whirled around the younger troops, pressing them to attack her, a move that had her kill them easily. It went without saying the rest of the group came after the elf, having her fight for her life, a fight worrying her, but while the soldiers and monsters got a few good licks in, nobody saw about twenty of them be killed, beheaded by an unknown force, making the battle freeze.

“My gods, sixty against one, can we say unfair?” echoed from the darkness, bouncing off the trees, confusing the dark elves, even the princess. While all tried to figure out where and who this was, mumbling began among the solders, but a dark elf with redish hair came out of the shadows, holding a sword that Skya hasn’t seen before, but she didn’t know if he was friend or foe, having her ready her blade. The man’s features told the dark elves he was one of them, making the leader try to ask him to help them capture her, but before he finished, the stranger appeared behind him, wiping the crimson from the sword as the head elf’s head fell to the ground. After their leader’s body dropped, it took little to deduce this man had no sense of loyalty, at least in their minds, calling their force to attack.

Standing there, the navy blue haired princess watched the man battle his own kind like a demon, still unsure what to make of him. Skya could cast a spell to read his mind, that she knew, but watching the man, there was something about how he fought that drew her in. As the fight went on, it amazed the young elf woman the way he handled his sword, drawing and sheathing it, but using his hands and feet as well, leading her to the conclusion he must’ve studied in Izura, which would make sense. Perhaps her naive nature had a part in it, but Skya admitted this guy would be a perfect mate for her, if he wasn’t the enemy. Yet, though she couldn’t explain it, she felt something with him, like he had a human way about him, making her curious.

Seeing the last dark elf fall, the stranger flicked his sword, clearing it of blood before sheathing it. Walking off, his eye caught Skya’s beauty in what little of the kimono she had left, having a wolf whistle leave his lips, making her turn away, but, “You best go home princess, before more show up.” follow semi kindly. Thinking about what that leader asked made him ill, the way his fist hit a tree gave proof to it, letting, “Why can’t I just go my own way, why pick sides here?” enter his thoughts as he sat by a campfire and started to take apart his sword, cleaning it. Since waking up in that body, a joke god or fate played on him, people always ask him to take a side, getting him sick. He wasn’t blind to the fact there was a war going on, evidence of that fact was everywhere, even so, the man wanted no part in it, having him keep a low profile.

As he continued caring for his blade, thoughts of his past and the goddess or whatever that flooded him, making the elf want to curse. He remembered its words, that he’d find a woman and happiness there, but even so, it couldn’t be denied that the concept of reincarnation had no meaning to him, having a laugh begging to get out. Sure, it couldn’t be denied that he saw a light before waking up days earlier then finding himself there, but he wasn’t ready to call it divine, the word wasn’t the one on his tongue. And yet, no other explanation fit, leaving a blank in his mind, having a piece of the man open.

Jumping through the trees, trying to get home before her mother and father knew she went against them, though parts of the elf princess felt they guessed, her thoughts went back to the fight and the stranger who aided her. Every fiber of Skya knew he was a dark elf, that couldn’t be denied, but, “If he’s an enemy, why did he kill the commander?” spilled from her lips, inviting more questions in. True, it might’ve been a ploy, she admitted it or a rogue within their ranks, causing her head to spin more.

As Skya got through her bedroom window of the castle, she began feeling eyes staring at her, freezing her in her tracks. “You went to the Black Forest again to bathe, didn’t you daughter?” a female asked from the corner, gazing at the princess. The queen knew Skya had a defiant streak, after all, she taught her to have a strong will, her mom admitted that, but to go into the forest beyond the boarders made the queen’s head spin. Approaching her daughter, little needed saying she found a fight, making her look Skya over, ensuring she wasn’t hurt, but, “You make us worry when you do these stunts, I hope once you pick a mate, you will settle down!” came tumbling out firmly but lovingly.

Hearing the same thing about marrying one of these weakling princes made the navy blue haired princess’s stomach turn, making, “Mother, I told you and father I’m not interested in those children! I mean, they’re too scared of swords, for fairy sake.” left Skya’s lips as she turned to mend her kimono with magic. What she hoped to find was a mate who seemed like her equal with a blade so she might test him, and if he could face her in a duel, the woman would pick him as her mate.

The queen didn’t deny her daughter’s observation, she agreed that almost half the princes seemed like weaklings who are too afraid to fight, a fact driving a sigh from the woman. Yet, tradition stood, meaning Skya had limited options, having, “Dear, I know you want a man who’s equal to you with a sword and in bed, but there are any. Besides tradition states that you have to pick a prince to wed soon…” left her mouth. While true, the elder elf would do anything for her daughter, even try to find a better mate for her, but there just weren’t any within the royal lines, bringing her to Skya and rub her shoulders.

Every part of her knew her mother spoke truth, though Skya admitted it, the truth was hard to except, letting a sigh pass her lips as the elf continued mending her garment. Life with one she didn’t love or view as an equal made her ill, having, “I should’ve let those soldiers capture me…” cross her mind in that moment of sadness, dragging her deeper into that pit, but she also knew that thought was just a reaction. Just then, images of the dark elf who came to her aid started coming to mind, lightening her sorrow, making Skya smile. Still, the man was a mystery and it couldn’t be ignored that he was a dark elf, but the things the female sensed from the man needed to be investigated, getting, “Mother, there might be an elf that could be a match, he helped me earlier, but I want to find out more, can you stall father?” out of the young navy blue haired elf, while turning to her mom.

“Who is this man of whom you speak?” left the older female lips in a concerned tone as her eyes locked on her daughter’s, trying to gauge if she was telling the truth. Oh, she wasn’t calling Skya a liar, far from it, but she was aware her spirited daughter had a way to get out of royal matters, making her examine the young elf’s words carefully. After what seemed like an eternity, though every piece of her mother could be heard fighting the choice, in the end, she wanted Skya to be happy, having, “Okay I’ll help you, BUT I wish to meet this man,” come out kindly, watching the princess walk to the window, leaving. It wasn’t a question that she feared for her daughter every time she saw her go on these treks, it went without saying, and yet, she did teach the elf to be her own person, giving her some piece of mind.

Making her way through the trees, it wasn’t lost on the young elf that she didn’t see which direction the dark elf walked off in, but some part told her that he had to have somewhere near the area she was attacked. She had no idea why she had that feeling, it just made sense, sending her towards the clearing. True, returning there might invite more enemies, a fact that Skya knew all too well, but the risk was hers to make if it meant seeing the stranger again, having the elf make her way through the trees. As she landed, images of him still had their say over Skya, drawing the navy blue haired princess in, but as she relived seeing the stranger, something more about his expression caught her, giving her the feeling she must find him.

Walking through the forest, trying to remember which direction he went, his expression stayed on the young elf woman’s mind, feeding the need to see him. Sure, it went without saying that Skya wanted to see the dark stranger’s fighting ability and cross swords with him as a way to test to see if he could be her one true mate, the woman already set her mind to that, but how he looked spoke to her. To her, it almost seemed like a great sadness rested upon him, as if the man had something taken from him, prompting something, perhaps a caring nature to surface and drive her forward. Continuing deeper into the area, flickers from a campfire called her attention, having her put her hand on her sword while slowly approaching, ready to draw if needed.

Sitting by the fire, cooking fish he just caught not long ago, his free hand went for his black wrapped Katana and started unsheathing it. Though he didn’t know how he knew, maybe his sharpened senses told him, but he knew the elf princess was in the brush behind him, triggering, “Thought you’d be back in your kingdom and not back here.”to fall from Draven’s lips while checking the night’s dinner. He didn’t deny wanting to see the woman who had barely anything on under that kimono of hers, who wouldn’t, he just thought Skya cared for her own safety rather than strolling in the same place she was attacked, but perhaps not, letting, “Well, it isn’t my concern, hungry? There’s enough fish.” to leave his lips kindly.

“How did he know I?” went through the young elf woman’s mind as she came out, watching him. She thought she was well hidden, able to observe him, she admitted that openly, leading the princess to believe the dark elf used a spell to locate her, having Skya approach with caution. She couldn’t deny being at a loss for words as she sat down, especially when he knew she was watching him, causing the elf to hesitate about taking the food. True, she knew he looked like a dark elf, a member of the race who wanted her as a captive, she knew that, but everything about him said otherwise, giving her the courage to say, “I didn’t thank you for helping me.” Skya knew other things could’ve been said, questions about him for instance, that seemed like the right thing to do.

As he picked up the stick with his dinner on it, it didn’t escape him that she thought the fish was poisoned or whatever, having, “I know I look like a dark elf, but if I was a soldier for them, why would I help you?” be posed, adding, “Besides, this war doesn’t concern me.” As he said that, there was little doubt in Draven’s mind any spy might say the same, leading him to just take a bite. Still, Skya looked as though questions were on her mind, a look that didn’t irritate him, just unsettle the man, making, “Why are you looking like that?” to leak from his lips, looking at the princess.

Perhaps images from before dictated it because, “You don’t act like a dark elf like I’ve encountered, more like a human.” leaped from her, a reply she wanted to take back due to it sounding blunt and that was hardly her way. Skya couldn’t describe how low that statement made her feel, making her want to disappear, a fact making the princess slowly stand and begin to leave, but he grabbed her hand, having the elf woman look at him strangely. Clearly her statement reflected badly on her, something she regret, she had more tact than that, yet, the way her savior looked, she could tell he had a story to tell, compelling the navy blue haired elf woman to sit.

“How can I explain this when I don’t undersrand how it happened?” went through his head as he looked at her, eyes asking her to sit. He knew if he said that he was human reborn as a dark elf it may give her the impression that something wasn’t right with him, a fact having Draven struggle to find the words. Though it felt like eternity, a feeling he couldn’t explain started coming over him, covering the man and making, “Princess, you are correct, I’m not really who you see.” bleed from his lips as he looked up into the sky, trying to find more words to follow. Draven wasn’t like this, this open, he admitted that, but the elf woman seemed to have a friendly aura about her, letting, “Don’t know if you’ll believe this, but I died a human, waking up in this body.”

One Late Post But I couldn’t Find Words For It.

Sorry for my lateness on this, but yesterday being my birthday, I just slept in, went on facebook watched T.V. and had two Ales. Man, it was peaceful, which I rather enjoyed, but wanted to share what a friend did that I couldn’t believe. If you sense that I’m getting too sappy, kick me! 🙂


It’s true that when people do something for me some flags are going off, causing me to question stuff, & given my family, you’d understand. However, exceptions are made. Thursday night, a friend I game with emailed, telling me Ubisoft had a FREE PC game bundle offer going and he linked me to it, telling me that since I’ve always got his back, this was his way of thanking me. I can now cross Assassin’s Creed 3 off my Steam list because it is now mine, thanks to him, but what he did left me speechless for a few minutes after I got the games.


Deeds like this make me smile and I just wanted to share! 🙂

Mid December Personal Post

Yes it is just the fourteenth, but things have gone on lately that I needed to get it out or risk losing my sanity or hurting myself. Last night, the nephew and blondie got into it again and like always my name got dragged into it, which her mouth overrides her brain! This round, because I bought gifts for my birthday/Christmas, I’m a selfish dick who thinks of himself & has not bought the kids anything. True, I haven’t bought their kids anything, but if we break this down to facts, I support their kids by keeping bills paid! Why must I buy gifts for uncontrolled kids who scream at people, tell me to shut up and climb my wheelchair?


But she didn’t stop there, no no. According to princess, I need to start buying my own food and chipping in “more”! Um, if paying most bills isn’t enough, sorry bitch, but where’s your half of the cable your sorry self watches and surfs the web on? Or the electric bill, how about helping to replace the sensor for the furnace next month? All she does is spread her legs, but I’m the selfish son of a bitch!? If I could get my own place again, I would!

Updated Character Pics!

Unsure what drove me to do it, (though my attraction to pink haired girls in anime COULD be what did it), but I went into that game’s character creator and recolored two creations. Not totally mind ya, just hair and top color, let me know what you think.


Aki redone 1

(Old picture)


You’ll note, Aki’s top was blue but last week, guess my OCD kicked in, bugging me about the blueness and had me change it. Look below to see the now color.




White isn’t really my fav, but with that said, after seeing her in a couple ways, it looks okay on her! 🙂 If nothing more, it does break the blue up, no? She was only one of the girls I update, Deadra, my ninja cat girl as well.


deadra redone picture 1


Half my characters have blue hair, not a bad thing really, but figure people would tell me they looked the same. So last week, I altered her, & I think the change looks really good, shoot my ass! 😛




Anime pink, you like? To me, it really works! Let me know your thoughts though.




Finally, Suna. Though a death goddess feeling hit when I made her, I may just do a human woman out of her, but not sure. Thoughts?

Revisiting An Old Work!

ashley picture 1


Not sure when Ashley’s first story, The Succubus’s Lover was started as it seems like a long time ago, (either that or my age has forked up my memory lol). In any case, it was left undone for her new piece that has a male love interest for her, which is working to a head. However a few days ago, I’ve found myself adding to the first story and enjoying doing so. Not gonna ask why I’m enjoying being back in the piece, just really liking that I went back to it!


Don’t think the progress will be posted here due to it getting to graphic love scene, & I really do not want wordpress tripping, but I’ll hint another work is in mind for her and the two women below. Yes, all three will be in one story together and if done well, won’t become a mess!


The Story With The Video Game Girl Thus Far!

Debated the idea of showing the progression of this work since I’m borrowing the woman to make a few alternate universe stories, plus the fact the story has a steamy but tasteful love scene. If any kids view this blog, press back now, please! But to the rest of you, could you let me know your thoughts and if you liked the idea so far? Thanks!


Down A Rabbit Hole

AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a Alternate Universe Hentai story containing Maki Genryusai of Final Fight 2/Street Fighter. I DON’T own the character or make money from said character. Furthermore, this will be the final piece I’ll do with her, and it has M/F, M/F/F, F/F sexual situations, Blood Play. If you disagree with such content, go back to your sandbox.


Though she joined the Tokyo police force at the tender age of eighteen, much to her ninja master and father’s dismay, graduating at the top of her class, Maki gained the respect of the people she worked with. It wasn’t a easy thing to do at first, there were some male officers who thought she got to where she was sleeping with the instructor, an omission making the blonde ill even today, but slowly, Maki proved herself. True now only twenty, her training and way she thought through anything, if a case stumped her fellow officers, it didn’t go without saying that the file landed in her care.

One night when her shift started, her captain called her into his office, a request throwing the young woman. As she headed in, it struck her as odd that he asked to see her, usually he’d just set whatever file the detectives couldn’t solve on her desk, letting her read it and go to work, but asking her to see him made, “What could this mean?” chime through her mind. Once in, Maki saw a file open on his desk with morgue photographs of women with bite marks on them, compelling her to read on, but before the blonde could, the man stopped her.

When his gaze locked onto her, “Before I let you, or no, consider you to take this case, Officer Genryusai, you must know there might be more danger in it than you encountered.” left the man’s mouth sternly, but had a caring ring to it. There wasn’t doubt that she could handle herself out there, the man knew the busty blonde could, that wasn’t the concern. What worried him was the fact that she might end up dead, drained of blood like the women in the pictures, letting, “If you get too deep, you’re off this case!” fell out before he gave her the file.

Before just taking the folder, a bow met his, telling him she understood, but the last part of what he said echoed in her head, almost having the blonde want to inquire about it, but perhaps having another mystery to crack silenced the inquiry. Grabbing the file, going to her desk, she read the information, making note of the steps she’d take next. However, while looking at the reports, something odd about the area where the bodies were found hit her, having a chill go through her. “All the women were found in the area of the Night Coven’s club.” exited Maki’s mouth in a mumble as she read on.

Though the blonde knew of the club, she wasn’t in the goth inspired business, but if the murders had a link to it, the club had to be looked into, getting her to clock out early. Heading out of the station, the young woman knew she passed the business on her way home, so thoughts of starting her investigation that night began flooding in, having the blonde on the way home. What Maki didn’t realize was she would enter a world that would shock, terrify and arouse the officer, a rabbit hole where she’d find a man who would show her things no man could. Walking up to the entrance, the blonde found herself facing a line, something she knew would happen, but the sheer number of people waiting to get into the club threw her, having, “Is this place really this popular?” jump from her mouth in a mumble.

Getting in line, thoughts of flashing her badge to the bouncer and telling him her business there came to mind, but she heard what might be her father and her academy training in her ear, telling the blonde that would just tip off the suspect IF they were there, letting the idea of just paying and observing set in. While the people moved up, it couldn’t be help noting the blonde wasn’t dressed for this and she could stick out like a sore thumb, making Maki debate about leaving. The thought bounced in her head, but no, she was there though, she would try blending in and look around, an omission having the blonde pay.

No sooner did she get into the club, everything about it made her want to leave, but the devotion to her work kept the blonde there. After finding a corner booth, a booth she could sit and watch, trying to see anyone out of place, besides her of course. As she sat there, surveying the surrounds, she saw men and women her age and older dancing really close to each other, grinding and much more, causing Maki to look away as what could be disgust shown on the blonde’s face. She wasn’t a prude, the woman knew people danced in this manner, but perhaps being a shut in, away from the world training in ninja had something to do with the way she viewed the actions, a fact making a sigh drop from Maki’s lips. Watching the people, Maki couldn’t understand what caused her to feel this way, though she tried explaining it, the need to get up and dance began to course through the young woman’s blood, picking her up from her seat.

Walking to the dance floor, Maki began feeling the beat of the rave music in her head, having her sway her body to it. It couldn’t be denied she didn’t know how to dance, the movement made that painfully clear, causing the young woman to blush and begin to walk back to the booth. And yet, as the blonde sat down, a man and woman came up to her and took her back to the dance floor. Being lead by them, flags went flying in Maki’s head, making the girl want to pull away, but parts of her could be heard telling her not too. There wasn’t a doubt about it, the woman felt torn, her expression said everything, but something, perhaps curiosity took hold and stopped her from thinking.

As the two brought her to the center of the floor, little things on the subject of why she let them bring her back there could be heard going through the blonde ninja’s mind, but, “Who are they?” stood out from the others, worrying the police woman. Still, something about them, Maki couldn’t explain why she ignored signals telling her to get away from the two. While the two began to dance, grinding, touching and feeling her skin, Maki couldn’t deny a charge of energy that went through her young body and started waking the blonde, having her feel their rhythm, matching it.

Though not sure why, watching her female dance partner, the young police woman felt dizzy for some unknown reason, as if something started zapping her, having the blonde fall back against the male. She knew she wasn’t ill, the woman rarely ever caught anything, something she admitted, but this, it didn’t seem right, making her blink several times. While whatever it was continued to drain her, clouding all thought, disorienting the blonde, Maki swore she saw one of her smirk, showing what looked to be fangs, having, “What is this?” come to mind.

Looking on, it couldn’t be denied the two already tasted the woman’s essence on their lips, letting them lick them while trying to keep from drooling. Not wanting to wait, the young couple went in for the kill, but before they got anywhere near the police woman’s neck, a powerful thug on their hair was felt, driving them backward, screaming in a hellish tone. Being dragged from her as a bouncer picked Maki up as she tried to shake the clouds from her mind while he put her in the manager’s office, the two didn’t need to know who had them by the hair, they could feel the man’s anger.

Taking them outside, the guy couldn’t contain the contempt he felt for the couple, having a forceful growl leave his lips. He didn’t need to explain ANYTHING, they knew the rules of the club, rules his Sire laid out for him, ones he strictly enforced, by death if need be, but their look said everything, making the owner snatch both up by the neck as, “Don’t test me, young ones! You know damn well you CANNOT drink from mortals UNLESS they want you too!” drained from his mouth in a angry tone, tightening his grip with every word. After venting, the man threw the two into garbage, but the woman hissed and ran to attack him, which just made the owner’s heart colder, making him punch her face so hard it snapped her neck.

Going back into the business, it wasn’t lost on the owner that the woman the two tried feeding on might be a cop, knowledge having, “Just what we don’t need.” fall from his mouth in a mutter while heading to his office to ensure she was okay. He knew what drew her there, the guy didn’t need to guess, but the murders happened in his world and he didn’t think Maki would keep calm knowing vampires existed, making what he needed to do come easy. Entering his office, his cold gaze fixed on her, every sign of what power they used on her shown to be wearing off, having, “I had eyes on you since you got here, police woman, you stuck out way too much!” come out cold as ice as he looked the blonde over.

Perhaps his tone triggered it or her training did, but, “Is he covering up the two murder?”, prompting, “There have been two murders around your place! Now, I can either come back with a warrant, take you in or you can tell me what you know!” She wasn’t a fool, something didn’t feel right about the guy, but Maki knew she couldn’t just get a warrant without cause, and though shady, the owner gave no reason for one. Looking at him, everything told her he knew more than he let on, having the blonde put her hand on her hip while, “Listen, if you know something, tell me, I won’t arrest you.” came out semi sternly.

“This woman has spirit, I like it!” went through the man’s head while taking in her form. Though not making it clear, if he had met the human another way, he’d have no issues with getting to know the police officer and bedding her, but this wasn’t the time for such thoughts. “I’m well aware of those killings, officer, but my private team’s looking into it! Besides, the less you know, the safer you’ll be!” spilled out coldly. True, he had a cold streak in him, acts he committed over many generations proved it. Yet, perhaps how she spoke her mind affected him, or maybe he knew she’d be targeted, but for whatever reason, the owner wanted Maki safe, driving, “Now if we are done here, I need to close!” out, but not as frozen.

As the blonde nodded, things within her started to go off, as if a piece of her felt something, making Maki ponder what it might be. She couldn’t deny the case had been on her mind, consuming everything, the blonde admitted that fact, the woman also knew warnings flew with the owner. And yet, it felt like a pull, but to what the woman could only guess. Walking home, thoughts on various things she saw, or no, thought she saw entered the woman’s mind, playing before Maki’s mind, inviting, “I know I saw that couple with fangs.” from Maki’s mouth in a mutter.

Getting into her apartment, it couldn’t be denied she wanted to get to the bottom of this case, having the blonde plan on returning to the club and confront the owner, someone she felt something with. Though Maki would get feelings about people on cases, letting her know if they could be a suspect or not, it felt different with the club owner, so different, a chill shot through her body. The more the woman thought about the case, the man’s face popped into her head, making, “What is it about him?” to slip out in a mutter.

True, her radar went bonkers while she talked with him about the murders, trying to determine of he was a suspect, that the blonde admitted, but this seemed like she could be attracted to him, an impossible prospect due to her job. Maki didn’t need to debate anymore, the blonde took the course on police ethics and regulations regarding dating suspects, so everything told the woman to stop the thought train. Yet, no matter how hard she tried, his face wouldn’t leave her mind, making Maki shake her head as a sigh crossed her lips. Oh, she wanted to get to the bottom of the case, that wasn’t up to question, if her captain knew what went on earlier at the Night Coven Club, or the thoughts about the owner, he’d pull her off the case, a thought that made Maki cringe.

Sitting there, going through ways she could keep herself from being removed from this case, many aspects about it started haunting the blonde, driving her to stay on and see it through. Even though every fiber of her being could be heard in her ear against it, lying to the captain if he brought up the subject of her being in to deep popped into the blonde’s head easily. True, lying wasn’t her way, more than that, Maki knew that it COULD land her in hot water with internal affairs, a situation she would rather avoid, having, “How to proceed without getting in trouble…” left the blonde in a mumble.

After dinner, she began her practice session, hoping it might clear her mind and give her the answer she needed. As the blonde moved, fighting imaginary enemies, Maki couldn’t deny the things she saw earlier affected her, her strikes and blows showed that fact, having the blonde to KI up louder than usual. Thinking about it, everything made the woman come back to the club’s owner, as if he might know more than he let on, making Maki that much more determine to go back there. Finishing her workout, a sense of clarity wiped the doubt from her mind, giving her what she must do, driving the woman to bed.

Laying down, the images of him began coming to her, moving in front of her eyes until they became a complete movie, making the blonde toss in bed. While her mind’s eye watched, it went without saying she wondered why he haunted her dreams, having her toss more, but something, she didn’t know what drew her, compelling Maki to keep watching. As it played, the woman saw herself doing things with him, things to graphic for words while he made love to her almost as if some primal force overtook them both. Oh, Maki knew she hadn’t had sex before, that was beside the point, the blonde also admitted that there couldn’t be anything between her and the guy, her job saw to it.

Still, how a moan slipped through the slumbering female’s lips, there wasn’t any doubt she found him alluring. Maki’s eyes shot open after the dream faded, having thoughts and questions trail in her mind, spinning like a washer, driving her nuts, having, “I can’t be…attracted to this guy?” exit the blonde’s lips while her head fell in her hands. Some parts that could be reason were in her ear, giving the woman good points why she can’t, but the other side, the side that couldn’t deny how attractive he looked sat on Maki’s shoulder nudging her, having her deadlocked in a tug a war with herself.

Being like this made the busty blonde uneasy, it didn’t take much to see that, having her check the clock in disgust. Maki wanted and needed to stay on and see it through, because to her, the cases meant everything, if that didn’t seem odd, and to be taken off this one, well it’d be a blow. And yet, she didn’t know it, tonight would land her in a life or death fight, one that will shake her up and one the man will save the ninja from.

Even though her body refused the act, the time came to get ready for her shift, making Maki drag herself from bed. Stretching, trying to shake off what little the sandman embraced her, the blonde went over what she would do that night, rereading the case file. Dressing in her ninja uniform, which when thinking about it, how the captain lets her get away with wearing it instead of her police uniform was beyond her, a subject making a slight grin appear, but thoughts about the night filled Maki’s head, snapping her back to the issue. She had no doubt the owner would throw her out of the club, but in her mind, the man had the answers and though he might stonewall her, Maki WOULD get him to talk.

Walking to the police station to check in, many thoughts on the previous night at the club still played like a movie that had no end, but most of all, her dream with that guy having sex with her had Maki on edge. She never had an intense dream like that, though the blonde admitted she never had a fantasy before either, so this was new, even so, the woman couldn’t do anything with him if she wanted, he was a part of an investigation. Though every part of her training continued drilling the facts into her, Maki found herself daydreaming about the way the owner took her and what they did, making the woman’s juices flowing.

Shaking her head, she knew she best seal off that part before going to see her captain, at least attempt to hide it, having the blonde do whatever to wall it off. Before getting in to check in and do calls and the like before heading back to the Night Coven’s Club, she stood outside the station, giving a pep talk to herself, hoping that might help. It couldn’t go unnoticed Maki felt her stress raising, her body language said everything, but when she went into the captain’s office, the stress peaked, but, after a warm bow, “Sir, after one night, I think I have a lead, but there isn’t enough evidence to pull him in.” trickled from the young officer’s mouth as she stood.

Looking up, the man saw her expressions change like the seasons, offering, “Are you okay, Maki?” out of the man’s mouth in a concerned way. Maybe reading the case and working on it kept her up all night, he admitted it happens, making him tell her to get coffee. Even though he told her too, something he couldn’t shake started on him, but perhaps the papers he needed to attend too or his trust in her did it, but the captain shrugged the feeling off, bowing and dismissing her.

Heading out to her desk, a heavy sigh of relief crossed the blonde’s lips as, “That was TOO close!” entered her mind like a wildfire. Every part of her filled with goosebumps as she heard, “Don’t do that again…” in her ear. It went without saying that she didn’t want to go through that again, but she feared it may happen if she and the owner got involved, an idea giving her chills. After checking what she wanted, Maki clocked out, heading to the business, but as soon as the bouncer saw her in the club, the man went to get his boss.

“Ah, no, no, no!” fell from the owner’s mouth as he sipped coffee laced with blood, eyeing the woman. Though the bouncer didn’t wanna say half of what his co-worker said, he knew it wasn’t good, having the guy go towards her, ready to kick Maki out, but the cold stare from the owner said all, freezing him. Though he saw that stare only once before, everything told him the owner was ready to kill, that alone gave the vampire bouncer a chill, but something felt more intense, having him hold his tongue. Walking to her table, it hit him that just kicking the officer out would only make her suspicion grow, which would invite his Sire to come down on him, a thought having chills run his body, and killing the policewoman would be as bad, making the only option clear.

As her gaze locked onto him, little needed telling he wasn’t happy the blonde appeared there, which armed her with the questions she had for him, making Maki stand. When the owner got to her, his look cast a spell over her, telling the woman to follow him, something she did, but his look gave her a chill. Getting in the office, the things Maki wanted to talk about came to a head as she shut the door, letting, “Listen, four women where murdered around your business, don’t you care?!” True, the blonde knew the way she worded it could have him come down on her, his expression told everything, getting her ready for anything.

“Of course I care!” fell from the guy’s mouth in a bit of anger, trying to hide the demonic growl of his vampire nature that wanted to surface. He wasn’t stupid, he knew the murders reflected badly on him, but mostly on the circle he answered too, having, “Believe it or not, policewoman, I AM trying to find the killer, but there are people I answer too and if you keep digging, they will come after you!” left his lips forcefully, but in his own way, wanted her safe. It couldn’t be denied, the owner followed the rules his Sire set down for him by diverting police and such, that wasn’t in question, but the look in the blonde’s eye told him she wouldn’t be swayed. “Does she not see I’m trying to protect her?” went through the man’s mind, causing his temper to peak as he sipped the coffee.

Sighing due to feeling he was threatening her, letting, “You can call me by my name, Maki! Second, if you think threats scare me, you are mistaken!” left the blonde’s lips sternly. Even at the police academy, it bothered her when men thought she couldn’t handle herself, and now this man trying to imply that she seemed frail, a thought letting her anger want to show. Yet, the case issues were pressing Maki more than pride, causing, “I’m not sure about your intentions, yet, but if you are looking into these killings, maybe we can aid each other.” came out calmly as she handed her card over to him before leaving.

Watching the blonde go, there wasn’t any doubt in his mind, he was impressed by her, making the owner think if he met her anyway but this, he’d be happy to take her as a mate. True, the man knew Maki was human, even so, how she carried herself and the fire she has in her was like nothing he seen in centuries, arousing him. While lost thinking of her, something made the owner glance at the door, noting three vampires exiting, heading the way the blonde walked, prompting the word, “Shit..” to slip out in a mutter while grabbing his sword and coat.

Jetting out the door, it needed no thinking that the vampires marked the policewoman for death, knowledge that had, “The council acted quickly.” roam his mind. Most of the man screamed at him, telling him she should die for meddling in affairs beyond her, parts of which the man didn’t deny, but at the same time he admitted Maki wasn’t aware that vampires existed. Though he knew what his Sire might say about the matter, a piece of the man felt something when the blonde and him were talking, but the owner knew Maki needed to quit playing with her life, having him hurry to her aid. As the man walked the street, his senses trying to locate her, there was little doubt he had no idea how he would tell the young woman creatures of the night are real, for that matter, if she’d believe him, but a scream broke that thought, making him appear at her window, coming in.

As he did, the vampire from the other night went for Maki’s neck, but before the vampire could, the owner flung him through the wall, cutting his throat before he landed. “Draken, you’d defy the council’s ruling?” the other assassin growled, showing his fangs. Squaring off against Maki’s would be killer, the owner thought if this man was carrying out their wishes, he’d invite death if he went against them, causing Draken to sheath his sword. Yet, looking in the man’s eyes gave him all he needed, leading him to take the assassin’s life.

As the man laid dying, “If you were agents for them, you should’ve been able to keep your thoughts from bleeding out via the eyes.” came out of the owner’s mouth demonically before stabbing the dying man through the heart, turning him to ash. Walking over to the blonde, checking her neck to see if she was bitten, ultimately finding nothing, he saw her eyes start fluttering, letting a sigh of relief pass his lips. Yes, even though Maki seemed alright, Draken knew what he had to do, making, “See, I told you you were going to get attacked, policewoman!” exit sternly while helping the female to her feet. He could’ve worded it in another way, he admitted that, perhaps gentler, but the blonde had to know the ones he answers too wouldn’t play around.

“I need a shower…” passed her lips in a mutter as she looked at the man. There wasn’t any doubt the shock of what just happened had a grip on her, how the woman walked to the bathroom told the story, making Draken watch her. Under the rushing water, images of her shooting the men who attacked her several times in vital areas, having no effect bled into Maki’s mind, causing her to shake while, “I shot, but they still…” fell out silently, calling the blonde to question if she dreamed it, but as she turned, she found the owner in the shower with her, having Maki try covering herself.

He wasn’t there for sex, though he tossed the idea about taking her after they met, but he had to be sure the woman knew the dangers if she pursued her investigation, driving, “Okay Maki, here it is plainly! Those were people sent to “clear” you! They were NOT sent by my superiors, but they are just as deadly! You have one life, this isn’t a game, value what you’ve got!” out of Draken’s mouth as he looked at her, seeing that she wanted to say something, but fear had her. While the two stared at each other, he admitted he could’ve worded that easier as well, a fact making him want to kick himself, but perhaps the man saw that she put her head on his chest and started weeping, prompting him to lift the blonde’s head, having her look at him.

As she did, tears streamed down, making it hard to focus, driving her to go wipe them, but he did it for her. Perhaps shock still had its say, because when she locked her eyes upon him, something about him struck her, letting a feeling that Maki knew she had when they first met grow. “This is stupid, I can’t be falling for him, he’s a person of interest on the case I’m working!” shot through the young policewoman’s mind, trying to remind her of police ethics, but while they looked at each other, the attraction grew between them, driving Maki to kiss the owner lightly.

Feeling her lips on his didn’t shock him, it made Draken hold her face as he returned it, but deeper. True, he was only there to warn the blonde and try to sway her to drop her investigation, he admitted that, yet, the way she looked at him awakened some long dead feeling in the vampire, having him pin her and madly kiss her lips and neck, getting more aroused by the second. It couldn’t be denied that he wanted her anymore, his instincts, whether regular or vampire told him to take the blonde policewoman, having the owner put his face in her breasts, kissing them and nipping her nipples, kneading them with care. Draken felt his nature at the edge of his mind calling the shots, driving him to kiss, lick and feel the blonde’s skin while descending towards her sex, a nature having him want to show Maki how to make love like no mortal could, but he took great care not to let the vampiric side damage her flesh.

Trying hard to keep herself under control, the woman looked at her shower mate while he went lower, driving her mad and forcing moans from her. Though she never had anyone in this way, something about the way the owner was going slow, exploring, kissing, licking every inch of her, causing her juices to flow had the woman spinning and made a hand go on his shoulder to try steadying herself. Sure, though pleasure waves begun to rock her, Maki still had the part of her training in her ear, telling her this would cost her the case, a fact she knew, but how she felt in that moment, the woman didn’t really care, making a loud moan pass her lips and fill the bathroom. Being worked like this, Maki couldn’t and didn’t want to deny the surges running throughout her frame, causing her to lean against her lover while her hair fell around them, letting the blonde rake her nails up the man’s back.

Feeling her nails scratching him and noting her leaning down gave Draken the sign that Maki enjoyed his assault, pressing him to her pussy, massaging it vigorously. Watching her reaction and hearing the passing moans drop from her mouth made the man come by her sex, sniffing it like some animal going in for the kill, which in this case drove cries of pleasure out of Maki as she held the owner’s head to her womanhood, granting him better access. After toying with her love tunnel, sopping up what wetness he could, Draken started inching up the woman’s body, kissing every part of her toned stomach.

Watching him work his way up her body, cries of desire dropped from the blonde’s lips while trying to keep on her feet. Though she knew this was her first time making love, Maki couldn’t explain it but she felt like he was hitting every pleasure point, arousing her more, having pants flood out of her mouth like a river. When he stood up, looking at her, something in the owner’s eye didn’t seem right, making it seem like a creature was staring back, having a part of the woman scream stop, but the way he had her feeling had control of her, driving Maki to kiss him.

It took little to tell Draken the policewoman wanted him, her kiss and how she moaned lustfully while eating her out told the tail, letting him pin the busty blonde to the chilly wet shower wall about to pounce. He had ideas on how he’d enter her and let her feel pleasure, all good plans, perhaps too good, letting his vampire nature take over and thrust in hard, causing a loud muffled moan to be heard as they kissed. Getting a rhythm going, there was no denying the owner wanted her, it could’ve been known long ago, he admitted that when they met, an omission getting him harder, Oh, Draken knew Maki needed to know what he was, he wasn’t dumb, he would tell her, but for now, at this moment, she knew only pleasure, having the man take her to bed and pump harder, getting deeper.

Chills went surging up the blonde’s spine, having Maki moan into the kiss as she wrapped her arms around him. Though the woman was a virgin, she felt like Draken awakened something deep within her, a feeling that could be an instinct, letting her trace his back, moan in his ear and kiss his neck. She couldn’t describe all the emotions and things hitting her, perhaps actions would suit the situation better, having some instinct have her get on top of this man, lean down for a kiss as some force drove Maki to start riding him. Letting it wash over her and take her body over, compelling her to fill this need, she felt an emotion, perhaps animal lust would be the word for it, having the blonde drive her hips down on him, meeting his thrust.

Watching the young policewoman, only taking his eye off her to bury himself in her bust to kiss them, an act making Maki bite her lip, it amazed the vampire how the woman was able to keep up with him. Sure, Draken had mortal lovers in the past, women who pleased him, but fell short and wanted him to control them in bed after the initial night, which bore him, making the vampire kill or leave them. As Draken felt himself inside her and seeing what she did to him to make him want her more, the man couldn’t put his finger on why, but everything told him this blonde could be his equal in every way, having him bring Maki down for a kiss, something she deepened without thought.

Things going through the young blonde’s mind, thoughts that were best left unsaid made instinct take hold, driving her to ride her lover faster. She didn’t want to deny the surges hitting her, pleasures she had no words for, having a deep moan exit her mouth while her fingers traced Draken’s chest. Letting them play, making note of his body, every part of the woman told her he wasn’t what he seemed to be, only having the female want more. As she felt stirrings of what could be an end, Maki picked her pace up, feeling her mysterious lover’s hands on her body, kissing it, sending Maki to him in an loving embrace. While embracing, thrusting and countering, she began feeling the man’s seed flood in, locking her body around his, trying to squeeze every ounce of Draken’s sperm out while both rode the waves together.

Coming down off the summit, every piece of the man’s nature wanted him to bite and drink her blood, orders he didn’t deny wanting to do, but he wanted her alive, a desire, making Draken bite his own lip. Laying there, the woman who he once saw just as a policewoman, meddling in immortal affairs, but as a lover and equal, he knew he needed to tell Maki that vampires do exist, “How though?” crossed his mind, working around in it, making the club owner debate the question. True, if she knew that he was one of the undead and that world existed, she’d want to ask questions, questions best left unsaid, having him learning towards not telling her. Still, “If the killer is able to hire those assassins then Maki needs to know about us.” rang in the club owner’s ear, making him kiss her cheek and neck, trying to rouse her from slumber. It wasn’t lost on Draken that this might not be an easy task, he knew the blonde policewoman might not believe him, he wouldn’t if roles were reversed, making a sigh exit his lips before, “There are somethings about me and my circle if you and I are to work on this together.” left the vampire.

Looking at the man, “Is he going to tell me he’s involved in these murders?” sprang to her, having Maki want to get out of bed, but a feeling stopped her, making, “Okay?” leak from her in a worried tone. Waiting for him to get whatever out, the weight of which could be seen in Draken’s eyes, scolding words from her captain could be heard in the young blonde’s mind, booting her from the case, a blow that would hurt. When her lover finally spoke, telling her what he was, her face said everything, letting disbelief set in as, “Do you need a doctor? Vampire’s aren’t real!” spilled from Maki. As she got up and put her robe on, “If he just wanted a one night fling…” began working through her head, but as she turned to tell him to leave, something in his expression threw her, compelling the policewoman to sit.

Sure, having his vampire nature take control and exposing his fangs was not the best way to show her, every piece of the man knew this, but if vampires marked her, she had to know the truth now. “Maki, I was brought across in the Edo period of Japan by a princess.” flowed from the club owner in a demonic tone while studying the woman to guess her reaction. “ Judging by her look, he questioned if she believed him or not, a fact making the man gaze deeply into the woman’s eyes. Draken admitted the story of vampires existing beneath the world the woman he just mated would make anyone think he was nuts, something making him want to just walk out, but he couldn’t, though pieces of the man told him too.

Sitting there, seeing what appeared to be fangs, Maki had several thoughts going through her mind, trying to process everything. Though not ready to accept the vampire story and the fact that a total underworld of the undead roamed Tokyo, certain things that night began replaying, events like her shooting the men through the heart, having them be walking, or how Draken seemed chilly when they made love didn’t add up. Add to that the pictures of the victims, having bite wound and no other marks, making, “Lets say I believe you. If the killer is a vampire, it is reason for you to tell me what you know or help me understand your world better.” exit the blonde’s mouth calmly. After saying that, it could be certain her captain would tell her she was in too deep, one fact having her chuckle on the inside, but she admitted that she already crossed that line when she had sex with the owner, letting ideas come to her if her superior brought anything up.

What she suggested made sense to Draken, it stood to reason, but before letting her in deeper, the council and his Sire needed to be consulted, an act leaving him chilly. Oh, the owner knew the one who brought him over might listen to him, the question wasn’t that, approaching her with anything always made a moment feel awkward for a reason, perhaps her aura had something to do with it, having him debate how to ask her. While thinking how to ask her, the owner wanted to show the his human lover the world he called his, something Draken wanted to do for awhile, but, “Could she handle watching women be bitten?” went through the vampire’s head, having, “Maki, if my people agree to this, some of the things you may see might disturb you.” fall from his lips as he held her.