Personal Blog For December

This will stay a monthly post as it helps clear my head and aids in focus. So much went on in the past month that there is no shortage of personal crap to talk about so let me get to it!


If you read my post talking a bit about how my nephew’s girlfriend says I don’t contribute to the house, though I pay all the bills from my check, please allow me to start there. See, I try to keep my nose out of their little conspiracy theory driven world, really, but if I hear my name thrown around in a negative way, I get pissed. I mean, aside from some food, which I’ll give her credit because food ain’t cheap nowadays, she lives here for free. How bout putting money on the cable, electric, or water bill for once?


And if I’m on the Jon, (not to get too graphic), she opens the door and gets pissy, like last week. Sorry if I get in the way of your three to four hour mirror time babe! Don’t wanna voice my view about here her in public, but…


On a happy note: Some who recall last year know December is the month I was born, and you may remember, I bought my own gifts. Well, the same thing will be done this year, with something added, (hopefully it’ll be home this weekend!) I’m ordering the Trigun Collection DVD boxset, battery packs for the added something, pop and AA batteries. After the month, a part for my gaming rig, (below) and the anime convention will be saved for.


Gaming PC 1


To my writings. Though a few new ideas for stories have been bubbling, the stories I’m working now will take top priority. A few days ago, a fan story with a game girl was added too, & I may post the progress here, not sure. Other works made progress as well, which I’m pleased to report, but most of all, I’m hitting the book chapter hard & producing fine content! 🙂




4 thoughts on “Personal Blog For December

  1. Happy early birthday to you! Buying yourself gifts is the best way to insure you get exactly what you want. I’m all for doing that myself too! Keep up the go work on your stories and try not to let your nephew’s girlfriend get to you.

    • Why thank you for the happy birthday! Buying your own gifts is the best and I do it because what happen two years ago, my family “forgot my birthday”. No calls, no gifts nada. The stories are writing themselves at times. 🙂 In fact, I’m adding to a story I abandoned sometime ago and loving it. Well ya may kick me, but his girlfriends needs a firm hand in my opinion, but I don’t pay her mind.

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