New Members Of The Anime & R/C Family!

Might spam posts for the next two or three days because on the tenth, I won’t be doin too much, it is my mother’s birthday. True, though she is in a better place now, I still wanna remember her, but with that said, on with the post. A lot of good happened over the weekend that I would like to share, so strap in, grab popcorn and get ready! πŸ™‚




As reported Friday/Saturday, Trigun: the complete series would be here that Sunday, and well, it came, with the AA batteries for the item you’ll see a few pics of below. The first DVD with seven eps was enjoyed last night & it brought back memories of when my adopted family introduced me to it, which I liked. Planning on watching the second disc tonight over dinner and loving it! πŸ™‚ Once I watch all four DVDS, the plan is to write a review of the series and post it here.




Though the hobby shop forgot to send the most important piece home, (my controller I use for both this r/c and baby), guess you can say my birthday came Sunday! πŸ™‚ Meet the newest member of my collection of R/C trucks, the E-MAXX! The thing is huge, it’s heavy too that I have to work lifting it a small bit! With this one, I had them make the extended plugs as I did with my Stampede, (see below), but they gave me two battery packs for it, which two are due here Friday or next week. Eh, more for baby to increase his run time heh! πŸ™‚ I will run this thing next season to see how it handles, but with the convention and computer upgrades I would like to save for, this E-Maxx may not get loved like baby and get the blue upgrades. That isn’t saying small additions won’t be done, when tires and body are needed, I’ll get some, other than that, no.






Two shots with the body off, and hopefully you guys/gels see that this truck’s beefy! When I opened it, it made sense why it is heavy, but it takes two packs to run the thing, which I’m hoping it is fast with the twin motors, we will see. Can you see the extension plug? The shop made one for both sides and though my nephew thinks they would be a hassle, the short plugs are to hard for me to unplug, so I put em on. Sure, they stick out a little by the back tires, but with time and memory, the extensions will lay down!


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