Updated Character Pics!

Unsure what drove me to do it, (though my attraction to pink haired girls in anime COULD be what did it), but I went into that game’s character creator and recolored two creations. Not totally mind ya, just hair and top color, let me know what you think.


Aki redone 1

(Old picture)


You’ll note, Aki’s top was blue but last week, guess my OCD kicked in, bugging me about the blueness and had me change it. Look below to see the now color.




White isn’t really my fav, but with that said, after seeing her in a couple ways, it looks okay on her! 🙂 If nothing more, it does break the blue up, no? She was only one of the girls I update, Deadra, my ninja cat girl as well.


deadra redone picture 1


Half my characters have blue hair, not a bad thing really, but figure people would tell me they looked the same. So last week, I altered her, & I think the change looks really good, shoot my ass! 😛




Anime pink, you like? To me, it really works! Let me know your thoughts though.




Finally, Suna. Though a death goddess feeling hit when I made her, I may just do a human woman out of her, but not sure. Thoughts?


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