Mid December Personal Post

Yes it is just the fourteenth, but things have gone on lately that I needed to get it out or risk losing my sanity or hurting myself. Last night, the nephew and blondie got into it again and like always my name got dragged into it, which her mouth overrides her brain! This round, because I bought gifts for my birthday/Christmas, I’m a selfish dick who thinks of himself & has not bought the kids anything. True, I haven’t bought their kids anything, but if we break this down to facts, I support their kids by keeping bills paid! Why must I buy gifts for uncontrolled kids who scream at people, tell me to shut up and climb my wheelchair?


But she didn’t stop there, no no. According to princess, I need to start buying my own food and chipping in “more”! Um, if paying most bills isn’t enough, sorry bitch, but where’s your half of the cable your sorry self watches and surfs the web on? Or the electric bill, how about helping to replace the sensor for the furnace next month? All she does is spread her legs, but I’m the selfish son of a bitch!? If I could get my own place again, I would!


2 thoughts on “Mid December Personal Post

  1. I’m sorry to hear that you are still having a difficult time with your family. I hope that you are all able to make peace soon.

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