A Late Merry Christmas But Early Happy New Year From Shadowlight996, And A Look Ahead! :)

Did all of you have a Merry Christmas? Aside from getting over what I have, Christmas was merry to me. Basically had the home to myself and played PC games, watched movies, ran my truck, (to drain the last of the charge) & did what I wanted. I’d like to wish all who follow me here and on Facebook an early Happy New Year and give people a look ahead for what’s to come in 2017!




Seeing that I’m midway through the first book, efforts will be made to get it done, proofed, edited etc. I feel like I’m becoming better at writing as time goes on, so progress will be shared here, please share your thought when it’s posted.




Haven’t worked the Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover for awhile, I do plan on finishing it. Please bear with me because in 2017 I plan on finishing stories before starting new pieces.




Anime reviews and revisits will be posted here in the new year! Yes, in light of the news that my nephew will be getting me a ps3 with a working Blu-ray drive, I’ll be able to rewatch Elfen Lied, Full Metal Panic and M.S. Nadesico. Keeping in the anime camp, in a week, I’ll be saving to go to Youmacon in Nov. 2017, which I’m excited over! 🙂 My first con since the mid 2000s, can’t wait! ^_^




Lastly, like last Spring/Summer, I’ll be out running baby, (below left) & the new truck (below right) will be enjoyed every decent warm day! Videos of them running are going to be posted and a pros an cons list of the trucks will be put up.


Again, Happy Holidays from me to you readers! 🙂




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