Sunday Night’s “Um Okay?” Moment!

So here’s the other half of the Sundae! People say that people in my family are two Cokes shy of a twelve pack. This could be true, I’m really off the wall at times, but me not care, it helps me deal with life. I only know my family who lives in my area, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have more in other states. Last night, someone with the same last name as me wanted a friend acceptance on Facebook, and this wouldn’t be an issue, but a few flags came up.


Today, looking over his page I noted he is a part of the church of Scientology! I’m not here to bash it, I’m just going off what I know. Furthermore, yes, we go somewhere, but I’ve said that I’m not really religious . Forgive if this seems shallow, but I refused his request, based off of research on our family & I couldn’t find anything.


My Eyes, My Eyes! :)

Two posts will be going up today because I REALLY wanna share my WTF Sundae with everyone of you! So grab a spoon, pull a chair up & get ready, because this is HUGE! πŸ™‚




All of you know how much dislike I had for the 90s Power Rangers TV series due to it showing martial arts in a bad light, at least in my eyes. Shoot, I needed to take a long break from training my nephew due to his wanting to train like them and beat people up. Tried telling him martial arts is not about fighting, but it builds self esteem, self confidence as well.


Anyway, back on topic. In recent years, Hollywood had brought super hero franchises to life. Some movies were good, eh to passable, we all know this, but someone wanted to bring an already poor show to the big screen.Β  Enter Power Rangers the movie. Yes, when my nephew showed me this, my first reaction was to throw up then fry my eyes shut! πŸ˜› Whoever decided to do this movie needs their head examined. Look at the trailer below then comment, but the movie looks cheesey as hell to me.




Head Up On Plans


Seeing that the closing weeks of January are upon us, figured it would be a good time to let those who are expecting the things I’ve promise in 2017 know what’s up. Let us get into it, no? Originally my plan was to wait on my nephew to give me my ps3 before I rewatch my Blu-ray editions of Elfen Lied and Full Metal Panic to review them. HOWEVER, he has been giving me to run around on that, saying “Oh, he’ll be getting a new one in a week.” then the same excuse after that. Now, “Oh, this month were full of setbacks, I’ll get one next month when taxes come, but it gets annoying as shit ya know?


I do not use the PS to game much anymore, why would I? So, Shadowlight came up with a plan. Going on Amazon, I found an internal Blu-ray drive for the gaming rig for a decent price and I’ll snag it the week I get paid and have someone put it in asap. It just gets on my nerves when he says something but doesn’t do it. Speaking of the rig below, plans are still in place to get the Radeon 480 8 gig in Feb.


Gaming PC 1




Starting Monday, I hope to rewatch TriGun to post my review of it hopefully the first week of the coming month. Been lazy I know, but I do plan on getting my stuff together this week. All an all, that’s about it! πŸ™‚

This Is A Riot To Witness

This is an impulse post, but until I’m awake enough to post about how a few American voice actors do not fit the character’s age, this will sub for now.


Gonna take the last three weeks, though my nephew’s been trying to do this for longer. He has been having his four year old son watch the anime he grew up watching, (Zoids, Bay Blade etc, you know the horrid dubbed examples), trying to get the kid into anime. The kid, being four, (or being a hyper active no rules jerk) sits through 2 seconds of said show then runs the house playing, screaming and stuff I sit here thinking, “Junior, either the kid is too young or too out of control right now to try this. Furthermore, why are you exposing him to the bad examples of dubbed anime?”


To me, this effort is a lost cause on his part, but I’d like your thoughts.

New Story Ideas And A Request



With Aki Yoshira’s new story in the books, today thoughts are in my head for a few more starring her, but one starring her and the women below, the details of which I’ll go into. Before doing so, it should be said that the plot deals with issues that some may not agree with, you’ve been warned.



Ashley, (Left) & Sakura (right) are the other two ladies that will be in the piece. The story opens with Aki & Ashley, two friends and college women trying to finish courses and have to work in a brothel, which they hate, because men paw at them, but the owner will not let them go. One day a young married couple come in, (Sakura and Tim) and pay for the girl’s time, but not for sex. Days pass, the couple find the two want out of the brothel so they offer their help. There are juicier parts, I don’t wanna spoil it though.


Also have a request: Does anyone know an artist who does manga style work, erotic or otherwise for not much money? I’ve got one, but she only does my book characters. Know someone? Drop me a line.

Pros And Cons Of The E-Maxx & 2WD Stampede!

Sitting in front of the computer last night doing I forget what, the idea came to write this post in Open Office Writer, then paste it here, but nah that’s less my style than drinking beer in a cup. Instead of doing that, I’ve decided to do this live, no pre-written post, so please stay with me.

pede 2016

A few years ago after moving here, the fire burned in me to get back into Radio Controlled cars or trucks, thus research started. My first choice was the 1/16th Slash, (not above) & whileΒ  it was 4wd and and quick, the choices for upgrades were sorely limited, having me sell it for baby, (above). I had this same model before, so it seemed like the right choice, which it WAS! πŸ™‚ The first season I had the truck, it was put through my tests and hardly got damaged! Last season the Stampede was upgraded all the way round to stronger parts and brushless power, making baby fast as sin.


For my birthday last month the E-Maxx was paid off and brought home, much to my nephew’s girlfriend’s negative words, but whatever. I took it out of the box and looked at it, putting the adaptions our local hobby shop made. Looking at the monster, it became clear this truck should be fun as soon as the warm weather hits! There are pros and cons to both R/Cs and in this post I’ll address them, so let us begin! πŸ™‚

Venom Sideview 2

My Stampede I’m highly impressed with and I want to start with it.

pede 2016


  1. Both the truck and the controller fit in my lap and chair for easy carrying. Really it is easy to take this bad boy where ever I wanna run!
  2. The speed and power baby has makes my time outside so much fun. Aside from random people asking if my family knows I’m outside by myself, I have fun running the truck.
  3. Very low maintenance. I have not had any serious damage to the R/C. One stripped servo and loose screws are it, but nothing more.


  1. When changing packs, clips for the battery tie down can be lost in grass easily.
  2. The body posts in the front don’t come through the hole quite right, I can get the clips in, but its weird.




Now the E-Maxx.Though I have not really put this through tests yet due to Winter weather and me don’t mix, I have ran it one time some weeks ago.Yes, that is the same transmitter that the Stampede uses. The people at the hobby shop bound the truck to it so I can use one controller for both trucks. And like baby, there are things I like and don’t like about this beast! πŸ™‚



  1. Body fit. The body posts do come through the holes, letting the clips go in the way they should, which is good.
  2. The battery tie downs don’t need clips, (see pics below).


I really like this idea because it saves me time & no clips go missing outside!


3. 4WD, meaning the truck shouldn’t have trouble in grass, not like I had issues with baby, but tall grass gave him issues.



  1. Let’s talk about the major con here, the E-Maxx needs two packs to work! Okay, duel motors need two packs, I get it. However, charging two battery packs will cut in on day light come spring. I might have it so it can run on a single brushless motor.


Final thought:


I like both my pede and E-Maxx, really do, but I see baby being run more, unless I can charge the two packs so it will not cut down daytime.

This Reaffirms Why I’m Glad I Don’t Play On PSN Much!

Before viewing the video below, there is something I feel I must say. Reasons why the PS3 isn’t used to game on were covered awhile ago, but though some players were decent minded people, others are/were jerks who often spam, try to hard or complain if I happen to win, saying I spammed etc. To me, if a player’s movements dictate that they’re trying to hard, I hit them before they get a foot hold.


After this match, which was damn close, the player who faced my creation, Suna had some choice words that thankfully PSN deleted, but they were, “Fuck this, its obvious I won’t win here!” Let me know if you think that was warranted after viewing this.