Personal Blog For January 2017

Wow, 2017 already holy crow, the years fly by now! First post of the new year and more to come I assure you! šŸ™‚ Some good and bad stuff went down last month as some of you may recall, so time was needed to process it all. Before starting, did all of you have a good new years eve/day? šŸ™‚


At times it feels like my life is a darn soap opera without an end! My nephew’s girlfriend who thinks I’m a selfish bastard came home after three-four days?Ā  Its pitiful that he allows her back here when it is clear she has no intent on helping out. Guess that’s why I don’t bother finding a girlfriend nowadays, I don’t wanna leech! Moving on, heh. šŸ™‚



A day last weekend was decent and though I normally don’t run my R/C during Winter, the urge to try out the E-Maxx got to me and I took the truck out. No snow was on the ground, so scratch that test, but the truck ran well, though I think a battery pack the hobby shop sold me is bad, can’t tell until Spring. Noting two changes I WILL make to the truck asap are the body and tires. The pre painted body looks god awful to me, but maybe I just like the look of an old style truck , and the tires never grip right, so they will need to go! A more detailed post on the R/C will be written soon.


Though new story ideas came to me for my harem of sexy women creation late in 2016, I’m making a point of finishing open stories, one I’ve added to today. With those, the book will be hit hard this year as I try to get it finished, proofed etc. An update on Chapter 6 will be up soon!


Now for some good and bad news, (or, “WTF, am I their piggie bank?” news). In light of what I found out yesterday, Youmacon, 2017 will not be happening. I had every reason to start saving for the trip this month, but thanks to my nephew paying his bills etc. out of my account, all I have left is fifty bucks in it! I confronted him on it,
“Oh, I lost my truck key and my cell bill needed paying.” was his reply. Um you have your own account, why use mine? Sure love the fucking fact I’m supporting a house full of people, but if I wanna save or spend anything I get bitched at or called selfish.Ā  But came up with a plan.


Gaming PC 1


Next month is tax time, and he tells me he’s giving me his state tax return, so I figure if he does, the computer upgrade will start with the most expensive piece, the graphics card, (the R480x 8 gig), which was saved to my Amazon list today. Then in May, the rest of the parts will be bought. I’m hoping to get a better cpu so I can run Doom and the more demanding titles on my steam list. After that, I’ll be saving a year so I’ll have a decent amount of cash for Youmacon 2018, I HOPE.


So that is what I’m dealing with this month, screwed up no? As always, please leave thoughts below or a like & I’ll see ya later! šŸ™‚


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