Might Rewrite A Story



In March of last year, a story series that put Aki Yoshira in as a demon slayer, but she found out a student she attended college with, who she was secretly in love with was a vampire was started. Near the end of chapter three, the story was dropped for a better idea, but it was never deleted.  Two days ago, an idea hit me that makes me want to rewrite it, making it its own entity, & seeing that I’m about two paragraphs away from completing her latest piece, I may go back and do a rewrite of her first work.


If it is done, love may or may not be the focus, because I see a demon chasing after her body, 😛 (sue me). Not sure if the progress will be posted here, (I’d like to attempt a more edger story and I don’t wanna strike) but it will be on my blogger account when done.


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