Add Two More Girls To My Harem

Well, one’s a remake, the other a character I made a few years ago, just never shown her. Below is Suna, (may rename her Miyuki). Originally she was intended to be a death goddess, but that vision never came together, so a Japanese school girl theme was done.




Though I could’ve went with light green, purple or blonde hair, I think the black hair looks nice on her and yes, Shadowlight likes women with pig tails, sue me! šŸ™‚ An idea for a story for her is in my head, but I’m unwilling to share it at this point, as I’m attempting to close old works. Data sheets below.







As you see, I tried something different with Suna & I think all and all, she turned out well, though I may add to her, not sure!





I may have shown Betty Lee before, but that was before I learned to fill my creations out, making them look less stick figurish. She was a joke character, (a female Bruce Lee), which WAS due to me having too much time on my hands, but overtime I grew to like her, opting to not hit delete.Ā  Sheets below:







How did I do designing her? I didn’t wanna give her big boobs, she is just a simple martial artist after all. She had a guest part in one of my old stories with her getting news that her husband was reborn, but I haven’t started her story yet.


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