New Story Ideas And A Request



With Aki Yoshira’s new story in the books, today thoughts are in my head for a few more starring her, but one starring her and the women below, the details of which I’ll go into. Before doing so, it should be said that the plot deals with issues that some may not agree with, you’ve been warned.



Ashley, (Left) & Sakura (right) are the other two ladies that will be in the piece. The story opens with Aki & Ashley, two friends and college women trying to finish courses and have to work in a brothel, which they hate, because men paw at them, but the owner will not let them go. One day a young married couple come in, (Sakura and Tim) and pay for the girl’s time, but not for sex. Days pass, the couple find the two want out of the brothel so they offer their help. There are juicier parts, I don’t wanna spoil it though.


Also have a request: Does anyone know an artist who does manga style work, erotic or otherwise for not much money? I’ve got one, but she only does my book characters. Know someone? Drop me a line.


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