This Is A Riot To Witness

This is an impulse post, but until I’m awake enough to post about how a few American voice actors do not fit the character’s age, this will sub for now.


Gonna take the last three weeks, though my nephew’s been trying to do this for longer. He has been having his four year old son watch the anime he grew up watching, (Zoids, Bay Blade etc, you know the horrid dubbed examples), trying to get the kid into anime. The kid, being four, (or being a hyper active no rules jerk) sits through 2 seconds of said show then runs the house playing, screaming and stuff I sit here thinking, “Junior, either the kid is too young or too out of control right now to try this. Furthermore, why are you exposing him to the bad examples of dubbed anime?”


To me, this effort is a lost cause on his part, but I’d like your thoughts.


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