Head Up On Plans


Seeing that the closing weeks of January are upon us, figured it would be a good time to let those who are expecting the things I’ve promise in 2017 know what’s up. Let us get into it, no? Originally my plan was to wait on my nephew to give me my ps3 before I rewatch my Blu-ray editions of Elfen Lied and Full Metal Panic to review them. HOWEVER, he has been giving me to run around on that, saying “Oh, he’ll be getting a new one in a week.” then the same excuse after that. Now, “Oh, this month were full of setbacks, I’ll get one next month when taxes come, but it gets annoying as shit ya know?


I do not use the PS to game much anymore, why would I? So, Shadowlight came up with a plan. Going on Amazon, I found an internal Blu-ray drive for the gaming rig for a decent price and I’ll snag it the week I get paid and have someone put it in asap. It just gets on my nerves when he says something but doesn’t do it. Speaking of the rig below, plans are still in place to get the Radeon 480 8 gig in Feb.


Gaming PC 1




Starting Monday, I hope to rewatch TriGun to post my review of it hopefully the first week of the coming month. Been lazy I know, but I do plan on getting my stuff together this week. All an all, that’s about it! 🙂


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