My Eyes, My Eyes! :)

Two posts will be going up today because I REALLY wanna share my WTF Sundae with everyone of you! So grab a spoon, pull a chair up & get ready, because this is HUGE! 🙂




All of you know how much dislike I had for the 90s Power Rangers TV series due to it showing martial arts in a bad light, at least in my eyes. Shoot, I needed to take a long break from training my nephew due to his wanting to train like them and beat people up. Tried telling him martial arts is not about fighting, but it builds self esteem, self confidence as well.


Anyway, back on topic. In recent years, Hollywood had brought super hero franchises to life. Some movies were good, eh to passable, we all know this, but someone wanted to bring an already poor show to the big screen.  Enter Power Rangers the movie. Yes, when my nephew showed me this, my first reaction was to throw up then fry my eyes shut! 😛 Whoever decided to do this movie needs their head examined. Look at the trailer below then comment, but the movie looks cheesey as hell to me.




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