Sunday Night’s “Um Okay?” Moment!

So here’s the other half of the Sundae! People say that people in my family are two Cokes shy of a twelve pack. This could be true, I’m really off the wall at times, but me not care, it helps me deal with life. I only know my family who lives in my area, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have more in other states. Last night, someone with the same last name as me wanted a friend acceptance on Facebook, and this wouldn’t be an issue, but a few flags came up.


Today, looking over his page I noted he is a part of the church of Scientology! I’m not here to bash it, I’m just going off what I know. Furthermore, yes, we go somewhere, but I’ve said that I’m not really religious . Forgive if this seems shallow, but I refused his request, based off of research on our family & I couldn’t find anything.


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