Computer Upgrade Progress

Gaming PC 1


Its been awhile since this topic had much to type about, but now there’s some news to tell, & a lot at that. My quest to turn the computer into a main gaming/entertainment and work rig is much closer than a year ago! Some posts ago, I wrote that a Blu-ray drive is now waiting to be installed, but as of last night, (thanks to my nephew) a RX480 4 gig graphics card was ordered & should be here tomorrow! LOVE 2 DAY SHIPPING! :p I wanted to get the 8 gig model but the 4 was cheaper, and because he didn’t give me the full amount, I had to make do.


But there is one thing I’m puzzled with. Checking out, Amazon said I qualify for a free game download, so I looked at the terms and conditions. By everything I read, I do, but as of yet, no redeem code & no reply from Amazon yet either. Meh, no matter if I get the game or not, it is on my Steam list.


While on the Steam topic, some news there. First, yes I did say that I wasn’t gonna add people or join a Steam group, but was letting the bad experience I’ve had on PSN dictate that. Seeing that Tekken 7 is due in June, and I’m getting it when the Steam sale happens, (likely), I might want to play with others who play that, probably get pointers. So I joined a group. Said hello, but no hi back yet, so not sure what to make about it. Again meh, when I get the game and no one from the group plays me, I’ll probably lonewolf it, but can’t say I didn’t try, right?


Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard

With the RX480, a 50 dollar Steam card was purchased to get ready for the Steam Summer Sale, but I’m grabbing another Steam card Friday to double my funds, because I have 35-38 games on my wishlist thus far and wanna get em, so when I do the major chip/motherboard and 2 TB hard drive upgrade, the games will be set to install. After that, I SHOULD have a pretty good gaming and work rig that could last 2-3 years, no? What ya think?


Background Of Seductress



While creating her, things went through my head, like they do when I make all my characters, but more so with Seductress. The idea of her back story and how she got the way she is may sound generic, but you can decide.




When she was younger, someone told her a human scarred her face, (I placed a scar under her eye to the nose) and they kept dogging her about it through her childhood. One night as she wept, a mask made from her own bone formed over her face, covering it, thereby making her cold. Now she is an assassin, hunting both demons and human, it makes little difference to her, that is until an encounter shakes her.




As shown above, the mask is bone colored with Japanese script on it, (if you can tell). Tried getting the mask to match what I saw in my head as her bone color, but if I shade the mask too white, it would look awful & bright. I’m eager to hear/read your thoughts! What do you think of her background?

Meet Seductress!!!



(The image above is owned by its original owner, I do not own or make money from it! Furthermore, the character and pics below ARE mine, please don’t repost without Permission.)


A few days ago I posted that two or three years ago I made a creation out of love for Nelliel from Bleach, and thoughts of recreating it roamed my head. Well, that day/night I went to work on SC5’s character creation thingy, designing my female demon. Before showing her, let me say somethings. Without the skills that I picked up a few months back, dealing with body measurements, she’d look stick figurish, but meet Seductress!! 🙂




So okay, she isn’t a copy of Nell, due to me not wanting to copyright infringe, & I wanted to make Seductress my own character! While creating her, pauses were made to look at her, see her in combat, which was never done before.




As she came together, a background came to me, one I’ll get to later, , but though a little more needs doing, what do you thing? 🙂

Looking To Do Something!

If anyone has any input on going about this, other than google, (the results it brings up hurt the mind), but okay. For some years, a dream of mine was to become a penpel/email buddy to someone in Japan. However, being moved a lot by a caregiver and living in sub livable households with her and her guys wasn’t a good time to do that. Now that I’m semi stable, it might be time to do something about it! People might ask me why Japan? Well, the culture interests me, always has since my teens, and though in my console days I’ve faced some mean players, that shouldn’t cast all the culture in a bad light.

I have googled ways, but like I said it hurts the head to weed through it all. So, can anyone suggest avenues to pursue?

May Bring Back “Huntress”



About two years ago, I think? a creation came to me, modeled from a Bleach character below. While the design wasn’t a copy of Nelliel, (I know of copyrights) Huntress was created out of love for the series. Yes, there are other good characters in the anime, but yeah.




The other day, the inspiration for a story with Huntress came in my head and it might be good or bad, but I’m gonna try it after a few projects are written. Some pics of her will be put up when I redo her. 🙂 However, rather than Huntress, does anyone have a better demonic sounding name for her?

Ran My E-Maxx Yesterday &


Holy shit the weather has been weird the past few days, 60 Saturday & 55 yesterday? I’ve been feeling the itch to take my r/c’s out & given the weekend I had, (more on that in March’s personal blog), I went out & ran the E Maxx Sunday, giving it a proper test. 🙂 Charging the dual battery packs is still one big sore for me, so Friday and Saturday was the charging times, which helped! before getting further, note to self, ask the hobby shop if it is normal for the packs to get super warm right before the charger shuts off.


So the truck was taken out right after I got up and one minor thing that gave me issues a month ago was worked around, letting me be off & running! 🙂 Let me say omg the truck has some pep when she gets up, not as much as my 2WD converted brushless baby, but damn… The E-Maxx, I barely tapped the stick & the thing took off, so much so that it flipped once, landing on its wheels, which I had no intent doing, but it was cool. A few runs in the grass didn’t phase it at all. No, being all wheel drive, the r/c drove through it nicely.


Venom Sideview 1



At the end of the run, the packs were uber warm, maybe due to runtime not sure, must ask. As a whole, the truck has grown on me more, however, the 2wd Stampede (above) is still my fav, due to the easier setup/layout!





About Fell Out Of My Chair

Okay, I’m not really sure how to take this, cause coming from my nephew anything out of his cake hole is 50-95% bull, but whatever. Since getting back into gaming on PC, leaving consoles behind, I’ve been happier and the reasons for going to the PC to game were and are my own, but above all there are less people to stress me out on computers.


See, take a game like Soul Cal. 5 where about all the players think they’re in a tournament everyday and try hard to win. Every time they wanted a match with me, they’d do anything to win, even spam, making me quit matches, then they’d say I suck etc. Sure, my record was so many wins, 1 loss, but if the people weren’t idiots & played fairly, maybe I’d play them and take losses. Things happened off games that made me upset. Say I was playing a different game, friends would send game invites for games I didn’t own or not be playing at the moment, & keep sending em when I said stop.


On PC, (rather Steam, UPlay or soon Origin) you got options to add friends, join groups etc. I only have to people on my steam list and they respect my right to privacy. I do not intend on joining a group soon, but point is I’m not stressed out. The other day my nephew said that I seem less trippy when gaming and that made me smile a bit.