Personal Blog For Feb 1ST 2017

Unsure how to start, so much has gone on. Guess I’ll begin with the bad and work from there. World War 10? started last Monday with my nephew’s common law live in coming home, telling him she wants her own place, and thus the fight started. It lasted an hour and a half with her telling him he and I are bastards etc. Um, I keep a roof over your head bimbo, so let me bend over so you can kiss my butt. She left to her mom’s, which her mom’s no better, but anyway.

That next day, I got into a groove cleaning. Rinsing out pop cans before putting them in the can bin, picked up my room and when our pregnant dog threw up in my room, I cleaned that. Dare say I’ve cleaned more than she ever did in the five years she lived here? True, could’ve done so with the kids here, but not with em in my face and climbing on my chair. Anyway, kinda enjoyed doing more around here & I slept better too.

However, guessing midweek he started missing her and yesterday he tells me, she’s sobbing wanting to come home and he can’t be like his dad. Uh, so that is a poor excuse! I mean, some single dads are great dads, she doesn’t do much but be here and gripe about us.

His response? “”When you get a woman, have kids you’ll feel differently.” I tried the dating scene before, when I thought I found Ms. Right, it was either she ran games on me or we would be good for a few weeks, but she’d decide we needed to see others, messing my head up. Heck, a woman had me so stressed out over her, I didn’t sleep much. So, love ain’t for my cards, & kids, well, think I said that I don’t like kids before. Point is, she move back here and in my opinion, my nephew cannot handle being without pussycat.

Talked to a follower about this topic before and told her if it were me, I’d open my door up and tell this lil blonde babe, bye!

Next topic. The below creation o’mine has a new name. Yes, the name Suna was kinda not fitting her, (either that or my mind kept nagging me to change it).


Miyuki is her new name and I like it a lot more! I may alter her clothing & add details to have her standout more, but what ya think? Parts of a story formed for her last night and I can’t wait to start it. 🙂


Jasmine’s story, (who’s below) Priestess Of Lust is about done, just a few more paragraphs then boom! 🙂


Jasmine picture 1


Though I’ve been slacking on completing it, it has been a good trip writing it. Once more pieces get done, this and other stories will be posted to my blogger blog over on goggle.


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