Update On Things

Guess you could call it that, so let me start. Well, I’ll begin and say this wasn’t going to be a topic, but this is a sore topic I need to get it out the way. As recorded in my Feb. personal blog, my nephew’s girlfriend moved back in, which had me shaking my head but whatever, it is none of my deal. HOWEVER, that said, not even a day went by and she had him crying by telling him she wants to have her own life, be out with her friends, have her own place etc. This fight lasted well into the night and while my place was to get to bed by 12-1am, it didn’t happen until 3ish?

To me, he needs to grow a back bone and stop letting her back in. Yes, they have kids, but she didn’t say one thing about this crap while making them, oh no. I’ve been through hard breakups before and cried over em, but now, if she were my girl, I’d be, “There’s the door, don’t let it hit you!” then delete her number! Thoughts?

Gaming PC 1

Friday, the Blu-ray drive was ordered and by that Sunday, it came! 🙂 Trying to get the nephew to call his brother to get it installed, but as soon as I get it up and running, the reviews of my anime Blu-rays can happen. ^_^




This is an old pic of Miyuki, my newest creation. In the new version, she wears pinkish cat ears, which she wears for fun with a white shirt that has a bunny on it. Was trying to think outside the box and have fun creating her. A new picture of her will be uploaded soon, but the story in mind with her is this. Though she’s young, man are falling all over her & try dating her due to looking like a pop idol, (she’s not). One day at a coffee shop, she meets a young American man, they talk, finding out they have much in common.


As they hangout, her parents don’t care for him, because he’s an outsider Will they end up together?


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