My Take On Game Reviews And Preorders!

Now that I’m attempting to build a rather decent gaming rig and get back to my days gaming on PC, kissing consoles and those who suck fun from the game for me, I’m trying not to be sucked into pre ordering a game. As of late, “broken, unplayable” games, (Arkhem Knight, Assassin’s Creed unity, to name two, though there is a list) that flooded the market that were not worth a pot. Thankfully I didn’t get into that mess.


Before going on, I’ve said this in the past that if a game keeps my interest, I’ll get it, good or bad, me no care. However, to me, pre-ordering a game is eh to me. A few weeks ago, a game I use to play and did fine with, Tekken will be releasing its seventh installment on PS4, XB1 and PC in June. My gut reaction was, save it to my Steam list and order it in April, but common sense hit, having me say wait. Why? Well, I’d like to upgrade my rig so it won’t cry if I ran it, but read on to understand my other reasons


Day of, you are assured that it may run kinda muddy and need patches up the yang, that’s one. 2. I’d like to wait until some bugs get fixed, (or see if Namco addresses them). 3. Though 60% of game reviewers who review games aren’t reliable, I mostly go by people who buy said on Steam, because why order a game that doesn’t have reviews yet, right?


Bottom line, waiting is my option.

4 thoughts on “My Take On Game Reviews And Preorders!

  1. I really don’t get the point in prrordering games particularly through Steam. It isn’t like they are going to physically run out of stock so I can decide later whether you want it or not.

    • Valid point, m’lady. I agree with you that preordering is a waste of money, my opinion. Sure, with this game, there’s a “DLC character”, but why would anyone drop X amount to order a game if no reviews are out yet. Me? Dlc doesn’t matter, the engaging gameplay is what I look at. Agree or disagree?

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