After I Get Tekken 7 On PC



When getting any game, more so fighting games, it is a must to find a character/style I can use well with my one hand. In my time on consoles, a special controller with turbo functions was used in SC5, allowing me to use almost any style well, but in my days with Tekken 4-6, a controller with those functions were a hindrance at times, so I tried finding styles that flowed like water.



In Tekken 6, my main characters were Eddie and Christie (Above). Their style, Capoeira is like water, flowing from one technique to the next, which was perfect, because I didn’t need to press many buttons. Oh, when I played friends online, a couple tried complaining and asked me to use other styles, which I tried, but the button combos hurt like heck when pulling off combos. It got bad enough where I got a case of carpel tunnel and laid off gaming for a few weeks.


When returning, I just used my mains and deleted those “friends” who complained, (that and when they started talking about topics that left me chilly). When playing, I wasn’t a wiz, something I’ll admit too, but when playing I was fine, even gave a lady friend a shock when faced her Christie one handed. She could not fathom that I played that well. 🙂




If Eddie and Christie are not in Tekken 7, Lucky Chloe will be trained with and learned. Saw some moves of hers on you tube and they look similar to Capoeira so I “could” use her easy. I may try other characters to see if they stick, but she might be my main, time will tell. Training mode will be my home for awhile before I try online, don’t wanna be a total idiot who hasn’t got skills. 😛 When I feel good in myself, I may post matches, like I did in 6, for those interested.


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