About Fell Out Of My Chair

Okay, I’m not really sure how to take this, cause coming from my nephew anything out of his cake hole is 50-95% bull, but whatever. Since getting back into gaming on PC, leaving consoles behind, I’ve been happier and the reasons for going to the PC to game were and are my own, but above all there are less people to stress me out on computers.


See, take a game like Soul Cal. 5 where about all the players think they’re in a tournament everyday and try hard to win. Every time they wanted a match with me, they’d do anything to win, even spam, making me quit matches, then they’d say I suck etc. Sure, my record was so many wins, 1 loss, but if the people weren’t idiots & played fairly, maybe I’d play them and take losses. Things happened off games that made me upset. Say I was playing a different game, friends would send game invites for games I didn’t own or not be playing at the moment, & keep sending em when I said stop.


On PC, (rather Steam, UPlay or soon Origin) you got options to add friends, join groups etc. I only have to people on my steam list and they respect my right to privacy. I do not intend on joining a group soon, but point is I’m not stressed out. The other day my nephew said that I seem less trippy when gaming and that made me smile a bit.


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