Ran My E-Maxx Yesterday &


Holy shit the weather has been weird the past few days, 60 Saturday & 55 yesterday? I’ve been feeling the itch to take my r/c’s out & given the weekend I had, (more on that in March’s personal blog), I went out & ran the E Maxx Sunday, giving it a proper test. 🙂 Charging the dual battery packs is still one big sore for me, so Friday and Saturday was the charging times, which helped! before getting further, note to self, ask the hobby shop if it is normal for the packs to get super warm right before the charger shuts off.


So the truck was taken out right after I got up and one minor thing that gave me issues a month ago was worked around, letting me be off & running! 🙂 Let me say omg the truck has some pep when she gets up, not as much as my 2WD converted brushless baby, but damn… The E-Maxx, I barely tapped the stick & the thing took off, so much so that it flipped once, landing on its wheels, which I had no intent doing, but it was cool. A few runs in the grass didn’t phase it at all. No, being all wheel drive, the r/c drove through it nicely.


Venom Sideview 1



At the end of the run, the packs were uber warm, maybe due to runtime not sure, must ask. As a whole, the truck has grown on me more, however, the 2wd Stampede (above) is still my fav, due to the easier setup/layout!






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