Background Of Seductress



While creating her, things went through my head, like they do when I make all my characters, but more so with Seductress. The idea of her back story and how she got the way she is may sound generic, but you can decide.




When she was younger, someone told her a human scarred her face, (I placed a scar under her eye to the nose) and they kept dogging her about it through her childhood. One night as she wept, a mask made from her own bone formed over her face, covering it, thereby making her cold. Now she is an assassin, hunting both demons and human, it makes little difference to her, that is until an encounter shakes her.




As shown above, the mask is bone colored with Japanese script on it, (if you can tell). Tried getting the mask to match what I saw in my head as her bone color, but if I shade the mask too white, it would look awful & bright. I’m eager to hear/read your thoughts! What do you think of her background?

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