Meet Seductress!!!



(The image above is owned by its original owner, I do not own or make money from it! Furthermore, the character and pics below ARE mine, please don’t repost without Permission.)


A few days ago I posted that two or three years ago I made a creation out of love for Nelliel from Bleach, and thoughts of recreating it roamed my head. Well, that day/night I went to work on SC5’s character creation thingy, designing my female demon. Before showing her, let me say somethings. Without the skills that I picked up a few months back, dealing with body measurements, she’d look stick figurish, but meet Seductress!! 🙂




So okay, she isn’t a copy of Nell, due to me not wanting to copyright infringe, & I wanted to make Seductress my own character! While creating her, pauses were made to look at her, see her in combat, which was never done before.




As she came together, a background came to me, one I’ll get to later, , but though a little more needs doing, what do you thing? 🙂


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