Computer Upgrade Progress

Gaming PC 1


Its been awhile since this topic had much to type about, but now there’s some news to tell, & a lot at that. My quest to turn the computer into a main gaming/entertainment and work rig is much closer than a year ago! Some posts ago, I wrote that a Blu-ray drive is now waiting to be installed, but as of last night, (thanks to my nephew) a RX480 4 gig graphics card was ordered & should be here tomorrow! LOVE 2 DAY SHIPPING! :p I wanted to get the 8 gig model but the 4 was cheaper, and because he didn’t give me the full amount, I had to make do.


But there is one thing I’m puzzled with. Checking out, Amazon said I qualify for a free game download, so I looked at the terms and conditions. By everything I read, I do, but as of yet, no redeem code & no reply from Amazon yet either. Meh, no matter if I get the game or not, it is on my Steam list.


While on the Steam topic, some news there. First, yes I did say that I wasn’t gonna add people or join a Steam group, but was letting the bad experience I’ve had on PSN dictate that. Seeing that Tekken 7 is due in June, and I’m getting it when the Steam sale happens, (likely), I might want to play with others who play that, probably get pointers. So I joined a group. Said hello, but no hi back yet, so not sure what to make about it. Again meh, when I get the game and no one from the group plays me, I’ll probably lonewolf it, but can’t say I didn’t try, right?


Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard

With the RX480, a 50 dollar Steam card was purchased to get ready for the Steam Summer Sale, but I’m grabbing another Steam card Friday to double my funds, because I have 35-38 games on my wishlist thus far and wanna get em, so when I do the major chip/motherboard and 2 TB hard drive upgrade, the games will be set to install. After that, I SHOULD have a pretty good gaming and work rig that could last 2-3 years, no? What ya think?


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