A Post About Gaming

With Tekken 7 about to be released in June om XB1 PS4 and Steam, which I’m getting it for PC, figured I’d put my thoughts here and share them with you all. Before doing so, for those new followers, I won’t go deep into my gaming story, but yes I have Cerebral Palsy and play video games as well as possible, given my limits. For years, the consoles were the main thing I played on, however due to the games getting button heavy and some PSN players acted like fools, stressing me out, the choice was made to come back to PC gaming & I’m less stressed.




That out, on with the post. Before fighting in online matches, some time will be taken to shake rust off, find characters I can use and train, train, train! Luckily, the fighter above will be in the game and he was one of my main fighters in Tekken 6, so Eddy will be used a lot! However, not to be called a one style junkie, two other fighters will be used.




Lucky Chloe, (above) has a freestyle dance based style similar to Eddy’s, which I think could work well for my one hand, course time will tell. I’ve been watching videos of her move set and it looks easy to pickup and use. Again though, when the game does come out, Eddy and Chloe will not be my only option.




For my final pick, I’ll try to practice with Ling Xiaoyu and see how well I can use her in matches. This is a character that hasn’t been on my “ease of use” chart before, but in Tekken 6, I never tried, so.


Now, on a note. I know Tekken 7’sĀ  going to have competitive players play it, & I’ll be expecting that, but there are those players who think they’re the stuff, but just do the same move to win, which is spamming. In Tekken 6 and SC5, people said I spammed, but I tried not too. This maybe a void subject, but if a player spams to win in 7, they need some points deducted, this is just my opinion. If a player has me in a match and spams me, unlike SC5 where I just would quit, I’ll just take my loss, but won’t play him, if they ask for a rematch.


Lastly: Doing what I did when playing Tekken 6, recording online matches and training sessions has been in my head for this new Tekken, & I’m going to post a few to see how people take to them. Since the weather’s changing and my outdoor hobby will begin soon, the matches will be uploaded every other weekend at night.


Next Anime Review, Elfen Lied Coming!



Hot off the heels of the Full Metal Panic Review, the next one will be the Elfen Lied review, which won’t be months off. Before that though, I’d like to try getting back into writing the vampire novel, unfinished works, which I already started to do and other works, like the Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover. Like the FMP review, I’ll do my best to outline the series, sharing my thoughts on it & the OVA, (though the OVA confuses me).


With that said, there is a part of Elfen Lied that makes me cringe, but I’ll get through it. So the review will be soon. šŸ™‚

Finally, The Full Metal Panic Review

I’m so sorry it took this long to get this written, there were days where I felt to drained mentally to think, caught up with other things on my mind or writing. Again, please forgive me!




This review will just cover the main series of FMP & not the spinoffs, because to me, the spinoffs stray too far from “home” for my taste. My first look at this anime was back in the early to mid 2000s when I was apart of the college anime club & it instantly caught me. If you think the series is just another Mecha/army shoot the badguys type of anime, you’ll be surprised, it isn’t! šŸ™‚


A mercenary group, “Mithel” sends a battle harden soldier, (Sousuke Sagara) undercover to a Japanese highschool to protect a student (Kaname Chidori) who is targeted to be kidnapped due to the deep secrets she knows about whispers, (I don’t want to word what it is wrong, so I won’t try.) Right off, we see how he’s out of place because he always thinks he’s in the service and doesn’t know how to blend in & comic choas follows. Midway through the end of disc 1, we are introduced to Gauron who’s the main bad guy throughout the anime.


When he hijacks the airplane with Chidori’s whole class, redirecting it to a base then takes her hostage, we are treated to a build up and the build up is worth it. In my opinion the comedy and seriousness strike a well balance with each other. The combat sequences aren’t really drawn out too much, which I like to see. Sure, Gauron’s killed more times and returns than I cared to count and he’s an asshole, BUT he’s a character you love to hate! šŸ™‚




For a 2000s release, Full Metal Panic doesn’t look bad and the series flows well. It might have bumps, any anime may have rough spots, but I highly recommend it! Has anyone seen this, what’s your take on it?

A Look Into Shadowlight….

Yesterday about the Ghost In The Shell movie, it was mentioned that some movies, if seen in theaters gave me vertigo, sending me to the door. Today I thought it be time to let you readers in and expand on the subject.


I’m not sure when it started, I just know the feeling drove me nuts because watching some movies I’d be fine, while others, the feeling of having your stomach drop if you were riding a roller coaster would make me wanna leave. When my dad and I went to see the first Hot Shots, (a funny movie), it didn’t bother me until the flying sequences, sending my head down and had my dad ask what was wrong, but we seen that same movie twice after and it went fine. It was odd, I’ve seen The Crow when it first came out & though the vertigo was making me climb the wall, I wanted to stay.


The old live action Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movies or Terminator 2 movie I don’t think ever caused me to trip and they were seen numerous times, so I’m not sure what sets me off. Now, if there’s a movie I want to see, waiting til the Blu-ray/DVD is the best choice for me.Ā  However, some video games give me that feeling as well, Assassin’s Creed III to give a good example. There is one task of climbing a building that is under construction to get to a crane & every camera angle made me cringe. Got to a point the game was almost turned off!

Open Topic: The Ghost In The Shell Live Action Movie.

Thought this might be a good topic for us Otaku to discuss. I don’t watch much T.V. due to the vast canyon of crud of shows on nowadays, but there are a hand full I do watch. As of late, there have been previews for a live action Ghost In The Shell movie, which had me asking, “Why screw up one of the great anime movies of all?” Okay, we all know that live adaptions of anime are poor or cheesy, and there aren’t many good ones.


From the previews, it looks alright, but to me, I’ve seen too many bad live action movies based around anime to even wanna pay to see this, that and my vertigo will have me exiting the theater if there are scenes with heights in the movies. Yes, that’s a subject I’ll talk about in another post, but who will go see this movie? Do you believe it might flop or be okay? Lets talk about this. šŸ™‚

Yes I Live And Stuff Is On The Horizon! :)

Yes, Shadowlight does still live, sorry for going missing for weeks. I still haven’t slept well, (though last night was the first decent sleep I’ve had). Anyway, on to the news.


Gaming PC 1


This monster above has the MSI R480 4 Gigabyte graphics card in it and I guess you could say time was spent stress testing it. Well, happy to say the card has been good and it feels sweet to play games with the PC not wanting to cry for momma! šŸ™‚ A test video’s below if you’d like to see if you can spot any change, but either you tube is funky or my modem is weird, the audio was out of sync when I viewed the upload, let me know please.


I’m debating on doing a full play through of the game’s story mode out of good memories of it from years ago, but not sure, cast your vote! šŸ™‚ Amazon finally sent the redeem info for the free DOOM, which I redeemed it on Steam and have installed. Haven’t tried to play it, still trying to bind keys to the game pad.




I haven’t forgotten the promise of reviewing the main Full Metal Panic series, (not the spin offs). Actually finished the last disc Friday and have an idea how to word the review, please bear with me. šŸ™‚ After that, I’ll revisit Elfen Lied.


An Update Of Sorts

Before getting into this, let me begin with a huge sorry for this month’s personal blog. Some followers might have left over the rant about how I view my nephew’s girlfriend & how stupid he’s taking it. My temper on said subject never should’ve bled that much into the post, & for that I’m really hugely sorry. And now, on with the post.


Gaming PC 1


On the computer front, my Blu-ray drive was installed two days ago, & though VLC media player says it supports Blu-ray playback, it doesn’t have the files to read em. What did I do? After screaming, ranting and pacing, I attempted to remedy that issue by watching guides on fixing it. Followed it to the letter, BUT failed, leading me to quest for a way to view discs, finding one I’m using now. Yes, so now the anime Blu-rays can be watched, enjoyed and reviewed now, which I’m happy to say! šŸ™‚


Same night the drive was installed, the guy tried putting in my new R480 graphic card, which was a riot! First he tried installing it upside down, telling us it won’t fit, I screwed up, but then he was told it was upside down! Tell ya, the guy might be Junior’s uncle, but he should lay off the drink awhile… Then my fault happened. Seems an 8 pin connector was needed, something I didn’t realize when it was ordered, but now the part came today and hoping the new card can be in this weekend! šŸ™‚


Now to the Steam card I ordered. Got it with the graphics card, put in the code and it came up invalid. Waited a bit and retyped it, trying 0 for “o” and stuff, but nada. Started thinking the card was a dud, so I used my bank card to put $50.00 on my Steam account. It seems less of a headache that way, so I’ll be doing it that way forever! After that, Steam put two games that were on my list up for sale in a bundle, so it was snagged! šŸ™‚ That leads me to my question. I have a good game library started now, and out of the three, Doom,(was free thx to the AMD offer), Darksiders:Warmastered and Darksiders II remastered, I’m very temped to post game play of the three, but would anyone like to see some? If so, which game? Let me know by comment below. šŸ™‚