Personal Blog For March 1 2017

WARNING: The first half of this entry will contain subject matter, views and stronger swearing than I normally use & I know a few of my readers may get offended by it. If so, please do not read further!

First of the month and time for cleaning so let us get into it. For the last few weeks, my head has went to my desk on many occasions that I’m surprised I don’t have freaking brain damage! My nephew and his live in have fights etc., that I reported a lot, but they always get back together, much to my disliking, however what do I know? I’m not sure when, but she left again, saying the same crap, “She wanted to have her own place, your uncle’s a fucking loser” same bullshit, sending my nephew crying, which I’ll address soon. She “moved to her ma’s trailer”” then that Friday came home again, but wait there’s more. That Saturday, I get woken up by his crying and screaming ass and it became apparent, two days after she left, she slept with a guy and caught something from him. Her excuse? “We broke up!”


See, I had a feeling she was a slut the six years she lived here, & I was correct, but here’s why my head met the desk. Both his step dad and I told him that if he takes her back now, he’ll be a stupid freaking moron! “But she’s mom to my kids!” was his reply to me. It is apparent that she ain’t considering that when she’s doing what she’s doing! Furthermore, how can you “he” be sure those brats are yours? Ya can’t! Again, there is more! Last Saturday, he brought the walking —- back here and I just lost my head, telling him he was fucking out of his damn head bringing her back here, even if it was just to “TALK”. While she was here, I took pot shots at her from my room, I didn’t care!


Monday, he came in here wanting to talk, telling me she’ll still be around, but only to fuck, DON’T screw my game up! Really? you still wanna bed her though she may have who knows wtf! Whatever. Yesterday, he called her saying he wanted her back and at this point, I’m ready to tell him, “If you wanna STD or die, go ahead, hope your dick explodes!” I’m tired of being the voice of damn reason round here.


As for his crying, talking to her crap. Most of you know about my past with women who ran games on me, having me depressed, not wanting to eat or sleep & yes, crying. Wasn’t until my adopted brother Adrian shook me up, making me realize that no woman is worth crying and losing sleep over if it is a one way street. My nephew needs to realize this. If she were my woman, she’d be gone, her number deleted and forgotten the first “break up”, now I don’t play around!


If you made it here, better news will be in part 2, sorry for the long rant!


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