An Update Of Sorts

Before getting into this, let me begin with a huge sorry for this month’s personal blog. Some followers might have left over the rant about how I view my nephew’s girlfriend & how stupid he’s taking it. My temper on said subject never should’ve bled that much into the post, & for that I’m really hugely sorry. And now, on with the post.


Gaming PC 1


On the computer front, my Blu-ray drive was installed two days ago, & though VLC media player says it supports Blu-ray playback, it doesn’t have the files to read em. What did I do? After screaming, ranting and pacing, I attempted to remedy that issue by watching guides on fixing it. Followed it to the letter, BUT failed, leading me to quest for a way to view discs, finding one I’m using now. Yes, so now the anime Blu-rays can be watched, enjoyed and reviewed now, which I’m happy to say! šŸ™‚


Same night the drive was installed, the guy tried putting in my new R480 graphic card, which was a riot! First he tried installing it upside down, telling us it won’t fit, I screwed up, but then he was told it was upside down! Tell ya, the guy might be Junior’s uncle, but he should lay off the drink awhile… Then my fault happened. Seems an 8 pin connector was needed, something I didn’t realize when it was ordered, but now the part came today and hoping the new card can be in this weekend! šŸ™‚


Now to the Steam card I ordered. Got it with the graphics card, put in the code and it came up invalid. Waited a bit and retyped it, trying 0 for “o” and stuff, but nada. Started thinking the card was a dud, so I used my bank card to put $50.00 on my Steam account. It seems less of a headache that way, so I’ll be doing it that way forever! After that, Steam put two games that were on my list up for sale in a bundle, so it was snagged! šŸ™‚ That leads me to my question. I have a good game library started now, and out of the three, Doom,(was free thx to the AMD offer), Darksiders:Warmastered and Darksiders II remastered, I’m very temped to post game play of the three, but would anyone like to see some? If so, which game? Let me know by comment below. šŸ™‚


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