Yes I Live And Stuff Is On The Horizon! :)

Yes, Shadowlight does still live, sorry for going missing for weeks. I still haven’t slept well, (though last night was the first decent sleep I’ve had). Anyway, on to the news.


Gaming PC 1


This monster above has the MSI R480 4 Gigabyte graphics card in it and I guess you could say time was spent stress testing it. Well, happy to say the card has been good and it feels sweet to play games with the PC not wanting to cry for momma! 🙂 A test video’s below if you’d like to see if you can spot any change, but either you tube is funky or my modem is weird, the audio was out of sync when I viewed the upload, let me know please.


I’m debating on doing a full play through of the game’s story mode out of good memories of it from years ago, but not sure, cast your vote! 🙂 Amazon finally sent the redeem info for the free DOOM, which I redeemed it on Steam and have installed. Haven’t tried to play it, still trying to bind keys to the game pad.




I haven’t forgotten the promise of reviewing the main Full Metal Panic series, (not the spin offs). Actually finished the last disc Friday and have an idea how to word the review, please bear with me. 🙂 After that, I’ll revisit Elfen Lied.



2 thoughts on “Yes I Live And Stuff Is On The Horizon! :)

    • Thank you, it means a lot. I don’t like being so out of it that I disconnect from friends, blogging etc. I will try not to go off the grid this long again. The FMP review will be written Saturday and up Sunday, hopefully.

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