Open Topic: The Ghost In The Shell Live Action Movie.

Thought this might be a good topic for us Otaku to discuss. I don’t watch much T.V. due to the vast canyon of crud of shows on nowadays, but there are a hand full I do watch. As of late, there have been previews for a live action Ghost In The Shell movie, which had me asking, “Why screw up one of the great anime movies of all?” Okay, we all know that live adaptions of anime are poor or cheesy, and there aren’t many good ones.


From the previews, it looks alright, but to me, I’ve seen too many bad live action movies based around anime to even wanna pay to see this, that and my vertigo will have me exiting the theater if there are scenes with heights in the movies. Yes, that’s a subject I’ll talk about in another post, but who will go see this movie? Do you believe it might flop or be okay? Lets talk about this. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Open Topic: The Ghost In The Shell Live Action Movie.

  1. I’d go and see it except for a lack of cinema access (if its out when I’m in a town with a cinema sure). That said, I’m kind of expecting it to be like every other live action adaptation, which is to say, not good. Still, there’s something to be said about entertainingly bad movies.

    • Heh, true. Before giving up gaming on PS3, a person I played against told me of a “great” adaptation of Samurai X. Looked it up on You Tube, watching a few minutes, but it looked so bad. Perhaps I’ll bite the bullet & view it.

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