Finally, The Full Metal Panic Review

I’m so sorry it took this long to get this written, there were days where I felt to drained mentally to think, caught up with other things on my mind or writing. Again, please forgive me!




This review will just cover the main series of FMP & not the spinoffs, because to me, the spinoffs stray too far from “home” for my taste. My first look at this anime was back in the early to mid 2000s when I was apart of the college anime club & it instantly caught me. If you think the series is just another Mecha/army shoot the badguys type of anime, you’ll be surprised, it isn’t! 🙂


A mercenary group, “Mithel” sends a battle harden soldier, (Sousuke Sagara) undercover to a Japanese highschool to protect a student (Kaname Chidori) who is targeted to be kidnapped due to the deep secrets she knows about whispers, (I don’t want to word what it is wrong, so I won’t try.) Right off, we see how he’s out of place because he always thinks he’s in the service and doesn’t know how to blend in & comic choas follows. Midway through the end of disc 1, we are introduced to Gauron who’s the main bad guy throughout the anime.


When he hijacks the airplane with Chidori’s whole class, redirecting it to a base then takes her hostage, we are treated to a build up and the build up is worth it. In my opinion the comedy and seriousness strike a well balance with each other. The combat sequences aren’t really drawn out too much, which I like to see. Sure, Gauron’s killed more times and returns than I cared to count and he’s an asshole, BUT he’s a character you love to hate! 🙂




For a 2000s release, Full Metal Panic doesn’t look bad and the series flows well. It might have bumps, any anime may have rough spots, but I highly recommend it! Has anyone seen this, what’s your take on it?

9 thoughts on “Finally, The Full Metal Panic Review

  1. I really loved this series. As you said, the comedy and more serious side of it balance nicely and the fight sequences are exciting but don’t drag. Mostly I love the cast though. The characters are interesting and memorable and most of the good guys are instantly likeable and the bad guys you hate from the get-go. It isn’t complex, but it is good fun.

  2. I really enjoyed this anime when I was a kid. I was in love with Sagara Sousuke. I would rush home from school and watch this. I would literally cry when I miss an episode. Ah, those were the days. I like the action, but I also like the budding romance between Sousuke and Chidori. I like the robots, they’re cool. It’s so nice to read about this again. It’s been so long.

      • I see. I’m thinking of maybe rewatching it. It’s clear that I already loved it as a small kid. I wonder if I’ll still appreciate it as much if I watch it again now as adult.

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