Next Anime Review, Elfen Lied Coming!



Hot off the heels of the Full Metal Panic Review, the next one will be the Elfen Lied review, which won’t be months off. Before that though, I’d like to try getting back into writing the vampire novel, unfinished works, which I already started to do and other works, like the Sailor Moon/Star Cross Love crossover. Like the FMP review, I’ll do my best to outline the series, sharing my thoughts on it & the OVA, (though the OVA confuses me).


With that said, there is a part of Elfen Lied that makes me cringe, but I’ll get through it. So the review will be soon. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Next Anime Review, Elfen Lied Coming!

      • One of my ex girlfriends, (the one who married behind my back then almost drove me insain until my brother snapped me out of it) was like that. She begged for a list of series to get her feet wet, but I told her it’d be better to watch anime when she moved here. “Uh I I can’t wait. Just give me a list to lookup.”Gave her InuYashi and the like, mild series, but a day later, she emailed, “YOU PERVERT, I looked up anime and found nothing but porn! ARE YOU A PERVERT?! Um, I didn’t give any hentai titles on that list, my question was what did she do?

        Sure, I watch hentai every once in awhile, but anime isn’t just that.

  1. Will be interesting to read your take on this. I haven’t watched it yet. I like horror anime but have been disappointed by some popular, critically acclaimed ones like Another.

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