A Post About Gaming

With Tekken 7 about to be released in June om XB1 PS4 and Steam, which I’m getting it for PC, figured I’d put my thoughts here and share them with you all. Before doing so, for those new followers, I won’t go deep into my gaming story, but yes I have Cerebral Palsy and play video games as well as possible, given my limits. For years, the consoles were the main thing I played on, however due to the games getting button heavy and some PSN players acted like fools, stressing me out, the choice was made to come back to PC gaming & I’m less stressed.




That out, on with the post. Before fighting in online matches, some time will be taken to shake rust off, find characters I can use and train, train, train! Luckily, the fighter above will be in the game and he was one of my main fighters in Tekken 6, so Eddy will be used a lot! However, not to be called a one style junkie, two other fighters will be used.




Lucky Chloe, (above) has a freestyle dance based style similar to Eddy’s, which I think could work well for my one hand, course time will tell. I’ve been watching videos of her move set and it looks easy to pickup and use. Again though, when the game does come out, Eddy and Chloe will not be my only option.




For my final pick, I’ll try to practice with Ling Xiaoyu and see how well I can use her in matches. This is a character that hasn’t been on my “ease of use” chart before, but in Tekken 6, I never tried, so.


Now, on a note. I know Tekken 7’s  going to have competitive players play it, & I’ll be expecting that, but there are those players who think they’re the stuff, but just do the same move to win, which is spamming. In Tekken 6 and SC5, people said I spammed, but I tried not too. This maybe a void subject, but if a player spams to win in 7, they need some points deducted, this is just my opinion. If a player has me in a match and spams me, unlike SC5 where I just would quit, I’ll just take my loss, but won’t play him, if they ask for a rematch.


Lastly: Doing what I did when playing Tekken 6, recording online matches and training sessions has been in my head for this new Tekken, & I’m going to post a few to see how people take to them. Since the weather’s changing and my outdoor hobby will begin soon, the matches will be uploaded every other weekend at night.


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