Personal Blog For April 2017

Yes this post is a few days late, wasn’t feeling too good, but I’m good now so let us party! 🙂 I will not go into how my nephew and his live in blonde are doing, other than to say, Get over the lazy girl! Watching & listening to their drama makes me glad I’m single!



Anyway, lately I’ve been real active on the Steam forums, more so than I was on the PS3 & am finding it rather relaxing. Heh, I don’t wanna start wars on there, but when users say a game’s player base will die after a few months, which said game isn’t even out yet, I calmly point out that the game is not out yet, but look at Street Fighter V. Sure, it is on all systems with cross play enabled, but if it didn’t have that feature, I’m sure the PC base would be enough. To me, it sounds like some can’t get ocer the fact that Sony said no to cross play, however I also point out that Sony does some stupid shyt, so there ya go.


Jasmine picture 1


Another reason I haven’t been blogging is the writing bug bit me and had me finishing stories, which Jasmine’s (seen above) piece “Priestess Of Lust” is about finished. That said, I’m tempted to post it here to get beta read so if there are more errors than I saw, hopefully you would tell me. However, the story is an erotic work which has quite a few scene that are a bit graphic, you have been warned! Would anyone want to help?


Skya redone 2


Ah Skya, my elf princess. What’s horrid is I have not completedher first story and a new idea came to me, something I MAY go forward with. Oh, before that her first piece will be done. At times though, there are moments I wonder if my muses know that they overwhelm me! 🙂

There’s more on my mind, but saving those for tomorrow! If you fellow bloggers wanna chat or wanna aid in beta reading, drop a comment or email


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