Taking Input!



Though it hasn’t been added to in awhile, the Sailor Moon/Star cross Love crossover has been on my mind, but for those who’re new, let me recap a little. The reboot of Sailor Moon will not be used, the 90s version will. And just the first few minutes of the first episode will be the focus.


Vampire Xavior


Even though it’s some ways away, I do have ideas of a way the story can go, but think of yourself as advisors, letting me know if the ideas are sound or not. So please sound off in the comments below! 🙂


  1. First idea is this. Since Xavior, (my vampire character) will not be able to Summon Cerberus, his spirit guardian, once he accepts his vampire nature and lets it out, the Kahimoto, (his sword) will begin to glow demonic red (or blood will drip from its blade), telling him to hold it over the dead soldiers he killed and it makes the dead his thralls.

I’m thinking the sword drips blood on them, which travels to their foreheads, forming vampire fangs.


2. After the battle, Xavior sees a guard who’s dying, someone not in the anime and offers them life as a vampire.


Do any of the ideas sound good? I know I could just write the piece, but I’d like you followers to feel apart of the progress.


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