Plans For A Few Videos

Gaming PC 2 Game pad and Keyboard


As a few of you know, it has been almost a year, (give or take) since switching to PC gaming full time and would not look back! Though I mostly keep to myself, I did open up somewhat and joined Steam forums and I am now putting my two cents in on topics, but let me back up a little.


Most know of my disability and that I have one usable hand, but that never stopped me from anything I set out to do. A couple weeks ago, while on you tube, I ran across a video and the person wanted to know what made people switch to PC gaming. I commented, giving my reasons, and people about lost their minds. “If you’re disabled how can you play? IT IS NOT  POSSIBLE!!” When trying to get to their comment to reply, wouldn’t you know it, the server couldn’t be found. I think the guy blocked or something.


So okay, I’ll put this to bed now before someone who may read this says that I’m not a true PC Gamer due to that controller above. I do use a controller for a few games in my Steam collection, I’ll admit it! For Shooters, the keyboard functions are mapped to it, granting me ease of use, but MMOs and the old Sierra games, like Space Quest are and will be played with mouse and keyboard.


Talking to a friend about people not believing that I game even though I have C.P., it gave me an idea. In May, I’m gonna get a web cam, then when I play Tekken 7 or other games, I’ll record myself playing. My hope is that if some see that I do play it’ll show that people with disability can do more than people think!


As always, I’d like to get your thoughts so do feel free to comment. 🙂



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