The Voice Of Reason

Thought this was kinda amusing and worth a topic. Now that I’ve made the transition to PC gaming from consoles I’m less likely to get mad because people do not tell me that I suck, I shouldn’t play online or what have you, but we will see how I am after Tekken 7 is out. With that said, no plans are in my head to rage on the game and go back to how I was on PS3, however off topic I am! 🙂


Whenever a game catches my eye on Steam, a website called game-debate is visited and I test my specs to see if my current set up can handle said game. After the test, the site recommends what the best settings would be. Out of most games that are in my steam library, my rig can run em at decent settings, even though I’m on a FX 6300 cpu. Wednesday before bed, the topics I follow on Steam were checked, and another caught my interest. In it, the user wanted to know if Tekken 7 was tested on AMD PCs and most answers were helpful, but one user had to start the “Intel VS. AMD” war, saying all AMD things are trash, get Intel/Nvidia.


While reading this, I was thinking, “If AMD products are trash, then why did the test I ran for the game say my rig can handle the game at medium to high settings?” Yes I could’ve joined that war, but being a PC gamer has released the bonds of stress and anger from me, making me not want to be in online arguments. In the end, I just told the person who wanted to know if AMD rigs cyn run the game to take the game debate test.




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