All Around Update!!!

This will be a sort of a misc update because logging into WP it hit me! What hit, Shadowlight, you ask? Well, the reality that 100 people follow this blog of mine & I’m speechless! Really, no words come to me… To think, this blog started on xanga then moving to WordPress, changing formats from just a soundboard to topics on gaming, hobbies , writing and my life, I cannot say thanks enough to people who follow me, but the only way is through this post and content. So with that said, content is on the way!


You know, something sprang to my mind that I thought I wanna share with you and possibly get help with. For awhile now, most of you have seen the characters I’ve brought to life through a video game creation tool. Well, I always wondered how a few might look like drawn manga style. And yes, a few look like hentai babes, that’s only because they’re in erotic writings, so yeah. The artist that drew Blackrose, (my vampire catgirl below) is kind of on retainer, but I understand why she won’t do that art.




Would you know anyone willing to help me out, possibly get their art out there? If so, drop a comment, like or both and I’ll give you the email info. 🙂




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