Drove My R/C Trucks Yesterday

Well the weather stopped being stupid long enough yesterday to allow me to go running for the first time this season. Aside from the E-MAXX, (picture below) having a set of weak packs and it almost made me fall off the darn porch, it was fun being outdoors again.



After getting in, some daylight was left, so I charged my 2WD Stampede, A.K.A Baby & headed back out! 🙂 It must be known that being caught up in the new truck, the power and speed it has, because as the truck took off, the kid in me LOVED it! Even on a three year old battery pack, this little puppy has some pep, so much that a stone hit my eye lol. Sure not regretting having a brushless system put in last season, tell ya that much!

Venom Sideview 1


This weekend it might be nice, so both trucks might be run, but the Stampede will for sure! I love that little pitbull of a truck. 🙂


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