I’ll Never Understand People

This maybe a rant, but I’ll try and keep it clean and constructive. Growing up with Cerebral Palsy in a wheelchair, there were people who would see me somewhere and come ask if I needed help or if I was ok. Once they saw that my mind was sharp, they went on their way & this trend continued. Nowadays though, people are worse with it! Two Winters ago, a woman driving by stopped to ask if I was okay while I was waiting for my cab/van, err ride, & though I told her five times I’m okay, she walked to her car, calling the cops on my butt! My ride came to transport me to take me to the hobby shop, but my nephew told me the police were here.


pede 2016


While running my R/C hobby, I’d hadsome stupid questions flung my way etc. and I know it sounds like I’m off my nut, but I have all my “Pop cans”, so to speak, my legs just don’t work. Yesterday while running the truck in the picture, I was sitting in a shady spot by the porch and a car pulled up, a guy came out asking me if I was okay. Told him I’m great and he left me be! However, what’s a riot is when I DO need help, no one stops or cares and that’s messed up.




4 thoughts on “I’ll Never Understand People

  1. Wow, it sounds as though this has been a struggle for you to deal with all your life. Unfortunately, some people have no ability to read a situation. The woman who called the police, after hearing you were fine, absolutely crossed the line. I am sorry to hear you must deal with these sorts of things.

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