A Tekken 7 Thread Oi Moment

So with the game landing in five weeks, the forums on Steam are buzzing with activity, a few threads I threw my hat into. Not long ago, a group member and I were discussing characters and who he used and I said who I used and planned on using in 7, “pics below”. As we conversated, (new word I invented lol), he gave me more characters to try, which will be attempted, but due to the below characters having styles that are easier to execute one handed.






There was a user that asked the other user why he suggested who he did. He explained that I need fighters who don’t need to move a lotto pull off moves. The second user was like “But why will he use Lucky Chloe? She’s low tier and garbage! He should use Law, he’s easy and top tier.”


Reading that, my shyt wasn’t lost, my temper was in check, cause nowadays I’m much more easy going than years ago. Let me be open here, I’m not going into tournaments, though many many years ago, I thought I had skill, but I just play for fun. Chloe might be awful, who knows, but bad or not, I’ll use her. See in Tekken 6, “friends” pressured me to use characters that hurt my wrist for three days so they could win. In this game other characters will be attempted in training, but online Eddy an Chloe will be used!


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