A Week Of Showing Stories Day 1: Please Help Me With A Title…

This post was going to be written and put up yesterday, but with that loser, *whoever they might be* stealing one of my R/C trucks, I was too upset. Anyway, even though I’m still pretty annoyed, finally came to the reality that karma will catch up to them. On with the post.


For those old and new followers who are interested in my writings, I thought a five day look at the pieces I’ve got in the works would be fun and spark conversation! 🙂 However, a few stories have adult content or will, I will put warnings up before the snips so yeah, you have been warned. This first story, I used a video game character, Maki Genryusai, (below) from Final Fight/Street Fighter & threw her into an alternate universe story, taking place in the same world my book takes place in.




True, no money can be made off the character due to the fact that she’ copyrighted, I’m well aware, (me don’t want my butt sued), but she’ll be the mother of an original character, Kendra who’s half human half cat lady, take a look at her. At this point, there are no smut scenes, so it is okay with out a warning, but I’m three to four pages in with no title, could you guys maybe help please? Maki and Rakiath, the cat guy’s daughter is below! 🙂



Enjoy the story so far. ^_^


AUTHOR’S NOTE: This is a Alternate Universe Hentai story containing Maki Genryusai of Final Fight 2/Street Fighter. I DON’T own the character or make money from said character.

Though she didn’t know where she was or how she got there months earlier, Maki Genryusai searched for a way home. Wandering around the countryside, helping out where she could while trying to find a way home, many things, like cat people, who acted like humans, aside from the licking their fur and things house cats would do struck the woman as odd, at least at first, now however, the blonde took it as normal. Oh, there were times where a bit of a darkness, perhaps doubt’s shadow crept in, making her think her search was hopeless, the young woman wasn’t about to deny that, but Maki fought that off, continuing her quest.

One day after bathing in a pond near her camp, she began to dry off and dress in her ninja uniform, but as she wrapped the gold colored fabric around her waste, securing the top, sounds of battle filled her ears, driving her to run to find the source. As she ran, every part of the girl told her she didn’t like to fight, a principle she lived by, she knew that, but while there, the blonde grew to protect children, having her use her ninja skill if needed. Approaching a village, it took little to deduce two ninja clans, one human and the other feline were at war, having Maki debate if she wanted any part of it, but as she started to fade into the brush, cries of a little baby called to her, awakening that instinct again, prompting her to run in,

As she entered the battle, a voice, that could be her old thinking was at the blonde’s ear, asking why she was breaking her vow yet again? Maki couldn’t think about that, all she had on her mind was the child, having her fight unlike she fought before, trying to reach the kid. Though the battle didn’t concern her, a fact she told herself before she heard the child, some of the feline warriors fought well, well enough to respect, if they weren’t attempting to kill her. Drawing closer to the little one, a ninja in all white and had an eye patch over his scarred right eye appeared, having her set her stance as he set his.

Studying his eye, it wasn’t lost on the woman he might be doing the same, letting plans for the opening attack to flow through her mind. Seeing the feline throw a kick to one of her legs had instincts dictate the other to block his strike, setting off a chain, which Maki held him off well. While fighting this cat guy, the young woman had to admit his skills were sharp, driving her fire and having a few good blows land, but as they fought, Maki felt a blow on the back of her neck, bringing her to her knees, knocking her out.

Burning a hole through his fellow clansman, a cat like howl fell from the woman’s opponent, telling all he wasn’t pleased with the interference. His eye and the howl said all, he wanted to beat his clan mate for his action, but in a way, the cries of the child overrode that, having the feline on all fours, racing into the burning hut to get the baby. While true, the two clans were at war, the feline clan had a code when little ones were involved, they never come to harm, hence why he saved it. Though he know the baby would be sent to a temple to be raised, the woman’s resolve to save it was honorable, having the ninja look back at Maki.

As he gazed at her being loaded onto the wagon with the other prisoners, something sparked within him, letting an alien feeling stir in him. It wasn’t love, not by a long shot, because taking a human female for a mate was forbidden, he knew this. It took little to guess her fate would be death, the headmaster’s order for every human, a sentence he spoke out about, ending up with the scar, but in a way, he didn’t wish for her death. While taking the child to a nearby temple, thoughts began wandering around, trying to figure out why he felt that way, coming up with nothing, but he came up with a way to get her off death’s road.

Though it hasn’t been used in years, the custom of taking a girl under his wing, having her live in the same hut with him was an option. She wouldn’t be a wife, concubine or slave, Maki would retain her free will, but be out of danger and under his protection, which may suit her better than death. Getting back to the village, little needed saying the human’s fate had been already decided, making Maki’s opponent run to the pin area on all fours. As he got there, he told the guard that he would relieve him for a few minutes and after the guard left, he entered the area, taking off his hood.

When Maki’s eyes locked on his, she knew he was the warrior who fought her, having her want to bow, but maybe anger over not knowing what happen the baby got to her, letting, “WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CHILD, DID YOU KILL IT?!” rolled from her lips in a scream. Even though she never cared too much for kids back home, something she didn’t hide there, something changed when she got to that realm and started her journey, letting the blonde’s heart open. Unsure why the feeling came over her, watching him come to her, Maki sensed that the feline saved the little one, but she had no idea why the conclusion came her way, making, “Thank you…” exit as she bowed.

“True, some of us hate humans and yes, we are at war with the clan you aided, but we DO NOT murder children!” came from the feline’s mouth sternly before preening his light brown fur on his hand. Thinking to the fight the woman put up, it impressed the cat how the human moved and was able to keep up with him, having Rakiath look at the blonde respectfully. He knew based on that fact alone, he needed to get Maki out of danger, prompting him to go see the headmaster and tell him he wanted to adopt her. True, every fiber of the cat’s being told him the head of the clan would have a fit, probably cough a hairball up or worse, scar his other eye, something he’d ready to defend against, but she didn’t need to die.

Watching the cat person leave, many things began creeping through her mind, having the blonde ponder her fate. She wasn’t blind to the fact that the feline clan may execute her, something the ninja heard they do, even before the ninja who came to telling her about the child, letting ice hit her spine. Maki didn’t wish for death, she wanted to get home, continue her training, probably have children too, that went without saying, getting plans on escaping to form. As she worked on a plan, she couldn’t explain it, but as she watched her opponent leave, she got the feeling he wanted to help her, a feeling that eased her in a way, though, “Why would he?” could be heard in Maki’s head, leaving the blonde to sit in the cage, pondering that subject.

Coming to the headmaster’s dwelling, Rakiath knew he would be fighting an uphill battle with the feline, making him scratch his ear with his foot while planning his words. Everyone knew the leader wasn’t well, people would be blind not too, a fact the feline warrior admitted freely, but he knew it wouldn’t be an easy task to ask to adopt the woman. If anyone of the aids came by, Rakiath would need to treat the human blonde like a slave, a prospect not sitting well with him, making him want to howl. Though still not really taking to the idea, “Perhaps explaining what she’d need to do if that happens would be best.” came to mind, trying to have it go down easier, but it didn’t.

Entering the hut, a warm bow addressed the headmaster, but every fiber of the cat ninja felt uneasy, prompting him not to lose eye contact with the old cat. There was no reason to deny Rakiath still had trouble finding the right way to ask to adopt the blonde, having a sigh pass his lips before, “I know we’ve had disagreements in the past old one, however I’ve come to ask a favor.” flowed from his mouth as he watched for any reaction. Making note of anything that would warrant a defense, Rakiath’s words weren’t far from the truth, he was the one who helped the headmaster come to power, and the old man agreed to grant a favor in return, but, “Given that his mind is unbalanced, does he remember it?” went through the cat’s mind, hitting every corner as he licked the fur on his hand.

No words came from the old one, just an odd look shot Rakiath’s way. Sure, the headmaster remembered that the feline helped in his rise, his half gone mind wouldn’t forget that, making, “Do ask your favor and I may consider it.” left the graying furred feline’s mouth in a half crazed tone while he sipped tea. In his own way, the elder respected the ninja, that is to a point, but the patch over Rakiath’s eye made the half insane feline want to surface, forcing the headmaster to keep a stone expression. Taking a sip, waiting, he couldn’t deny wanting to yell something at the warrior to hurry an ask the thing, at the last minute he kept control.

Maki’s opponent still struggled finding words, it wasn’t anything he’d dance around before, he admitted that, but given the state of the clan leader, he needed to tread with caution. “Sir, I humbly request to invoke an old tradition and adopt someone to take under my wing.” flowed from his lips while studying his leader, not losing eye contact. There was no doubt the old feline may do something once he knew who Rakiath picked, he didn’t need to guess, having the cat ready before, “That human blonde in red, I pick her to take in.” came out without thinking about it, putting his guard up for whatever unbalanced words that maybe flung.

Perhaps hearing the word “human” in the same sentence as “take in” did it or just knowing a human escape being killed, a decree he took pride in, but whatever triggered it sent the tea cup to the floor, breaking it as, “You want to defy me?! You wish to take in a human female and possibly pass our secrets?!” bled from the elder’s mouth in a fit of insanity. In his state, this would prompt ways to injure Rakiath more or even kill him, which had the headmaster stand on all fours ready to strike, but found one of the ninja’s swords at his throat, forcing him to grant the favor rather than die.

The blonde’s feline opponent turned savior knew the risks of such an action, the way a sigh left him proved that, but he expected as such. There wasn’t doubt his leader may try to resin the request, his actions a second ago told that, having plans form to take the young woman to his hut in the mountains, a place the old fool would find hard to get too. Licking his arm fur as he went to release Maki, he knew she may not like the idea of looking like and acting a slave girl should the headmaster sent an aid to poke around, but she had to know her safety was high on his mental list, which he’d explain once she was away from there. As he unlocked the cage, “You’re free, but come with me.” left Rakiath’s mouth as he escorted Maki from the building to a waiting carriage, helping her on it.

While getting on it, “Where is he taking me?” among other things came to her, having Maki want to ask, something, probably common sense told her this wasn’t the time, making her save her questions. Once underway and out of the village, “Why did you help me?” bled from her mouth softly, trying to gather what just went on, the subject of which stumped her. Oh, she didn’t want to sound ungrateful, she didn’t know how to thank him enough, but the blonde wanted to know the reason the feline did what he did, having the woman look at Rakiath. She couldn’t deny feeling like he wanted something from her, months in that realm she saw cases of that, getting her defenses back up, but another feeling came over her, telling Maki he just wanted to help out of respect for her, getting a slight smile to appear.

Still watching the road, “I did it because, well, no human has been able to fight me the way you did and I respect that. Most of all though, our headmaster’s decree is one I do not agree with.” flooded out sincerely as the feline ninja licked his free paw. While that came to light, he attempted to find words to explain how she’d need to appear if anyone came around, failing at first, having a sigh exit. It went without saying Rakiath had to tell Maki had to look like he made her a slave, subservient to him in every way, that much he admitted to, but how it sounded gave him a bad feeling. Perhaps the gods came to his side, aiding him in the words, because, “To keep you from death, I adopted you, meaning you’ll live with me and retain your freedom. HOWEVER, if the headmaster sends an aid to sniff around, you’ll need to look like I’ve broken you.” emptied, trying not to sound negative, but a chill climbed the cat’s spine, putting his fur on end.

As she heard that, it stood to reason why it needed to seem like she had to look the part, that wasn’t the question. What had things go around Maki’s mind were the duties she may need to do, making, “What would be asked of me?” to spill out in a concerned way, hoping he wouldn’t make her do anything too outlandish. Even though she would rather not think of it, “If we need to have sex to show I’m his, then ..” rifled through Maki’s head like a bullet, getting her ready to ask that. She didn’t mean to have this next question sound ungrateful, she was glad to be “free”, so to speak, and if need be she’d do the task, but the blonde had to know, having, “Will I need to sleep with you if those people nose around?” fell from her lips in a semi normal tone, but it felt slimy. Oh, Maki felt like that could’ve been worded better, everything pointed to that, the words just weren’t there.

He wouldn’t lie to her and say it may not be needed, parts of Rakiath knew they might, making, “If the headmaster sends people, we may need to prove things, so maybe.” exited the feline’s mouth calmly, but to be honest, he wasn’t sure how human females made love. It wasn’t without saying that the cat ninja was an idiot, he knew the gist of nature and pregnancy for felines took a few weeks, but humans were different, having an odd look come about his face. True, asking about the subject did float through his mind, forming the question, something the cat admitted, however, no matter what way he played it in his head, it sounded off, having Rakiath look away.

Though the blonde couldn’t see his face, the silence spoke volumes,




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