A Rant I Need To Get Out Before Putting Up The Next Story

I’d like to begin by saying thank you to those who commented and gave feedback on how to structure in dialogue better, and I’m attempting to apply it on a story I went back too last night. That said, on with the post.


A few weeks ago, my blog was linked with my Facebook in hope to share my thoughts and grow this blog, and it helped. My ex, who I’ve tried keeping her as a friend has been “Liking” my WP activity until yesterday when I posted the Maki Genryusai piece. See, for thirteen years we had a role play going, using my cat woman vampire Blackrose and the rest of my main cast, (Asuka, Fujiko, Asuka and Xavior.even Maki, though she’s no way my character).


As soon as I posted that fan piece, my ex tripped saying “How dare I put our rp in my book etc. Thirteen years down the tubes, THANK YOU!”


Told her I hadn’t and nor do I plan on using it! If she read the author’s note, she’d realize I CANNOT resell/make money off the game girl! Before the argument, she removed me as a FB friend, like a teen. Eh, don’t matter, beats role playing all day.


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