Not Doing So Well Actually

Wanted to come here, read some of your blogs and comment on a few of them because I know I’m behind on so many things. However as soon as I started reading a blog, my nephew’s kids started acting like idiots, screaming, picking on the dog and just being bad, which threw me off. There mom does zero to control them, but if it were up to me, I’d drop em off at adoption agency.


And now to the other issues. In his wisdom, my nephew decided to keep a puppy from his dog’s litter for the kids, bad idea! The kids don’t give a care for it, it torn my phone charger to pieces, & ate my wheelchair seat cushion, (hope it was hard to pass). I like dogs, but for that alone… When it poops, they don’t wanna clean it, so why do you wanna keep it for them?


Finally, to sum this up, I’m alive & trying to get my ship together.


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